Fifteen-Year-Old Kenzie Anderson: What It’s Like To Be A Teen Entrepreneur

Being a teen entrepreneur can be exciting. You have the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. It can also be a great way to get experience in the real world and teach you valuable skills that you will use throughout your life. At just 15 years old, Madison, Mississippi’s Kenzi Anderson is a thriving sensation. The Founder and CEO of her own company, Kenzi’s Sno-Cones, she has become a popular summer treat in her community. Offering a variety of flavors, toppings, and other snacks, she is a young woman making a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Kenzi is a young woman with big plans for her business, and she is well on her way to achieving them. In just a few years and with the guidance of her parents, Darrell and Kristie Anderson, she has built a thriving business from the ground up. In an interview with Kenzi, she shared some tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs. She emphasized the importance of hard work and dedication but also noted that enjoying the process and having fun along the way are important. She also spoke about the importance of having a solid support network and a vision. With her insightful words and can-do attitude, Kenzi is an inspiration to anyone chasing their dreams.

Hi, Kenzi. I am so excited to speak with you. At just 15, you are a teen entrepreneur. Tell me a little about yourself and what you do.

My name is Makenzie Anderson, and I am from Madison, MS. I am the owner of Kenzi’s Sno-Cones. My parents are Darrell and Kristie Anderson, and I have two brothers, Ladarron and Rodrick Anderson. I attend Germantown High School, where I participate in many clubs and organizations. I have been honored to serve with the Student Government Association as Class Representative, Freshman Homecoming Maid, Spanish Club, and the Cheer team while maintaining all A’s and B’s. Out of school, I attend Pilgrim Rest M.B. Church, where Dr. Matthew L. Canada is the pastor. I am a member of Girl Scouts Troop 5221, serving as a senior-level girl scout representative. Girl Scouts has taught me many things, such as making new friends, going beyond my comfort zone, pushing myself to a higher limit, volunteering and performing community service, and many other activities. My love for dance started around age five when I started taking classes at Dollhouse Dance Factory in Jackson Ms. My dance instructor, Dianna Williams, saw something in me and encouraged me to join the Baby Dancing Dolls. When I turned 11 years old, I became a Big Dancing Doll. I am now an official old head of the Dancing Dolls of Jackson, Ms.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur so young? Why did you choose a snow cone/snack truck?

I wanted to become an entrepreneur because I felt it would be a good thing instead of being stuck in my room on my phone all day long. Children my age are so big on technology now, so that’s all we know how to do is be on our phones. I knew it would be a long hot summer, so I decided to have a snow cone truck. Even though I know that there are so many Snow Cone places around, none of them are owned by teenagers. They may have teenagers working for their business, but the teens don’t own the business. I wanted to make a name for myself and build a platform for many others to do the same.

What do you like most about owning your own business?

I love my business because it gives me a chance to do something that I really love. Treating people and helping me has always been something I truly desire.  I have an opportunity to meet all types of people. I also like providing good customer service to my supporters and giving out good products to them as well. I enjoy attending all the events and seeing the variety of items people serve.  Having a business teaches me responsibilities and how to finance, so I know how to handle and manage money when I get older. My business also teaches me to learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones.

Have you found anything hard about it? If so, what?

There are many obstacles when owning a business, such as competition, jealousy, and many other things. The hardest thing about owning a business is to understand that everyone isn’t going to support you, and everyone isn’t going to be your target customer for your business.  Some people aren’t going to like the things and ideas you offer, but you must never forget that there is enough money to go around and that everything doesn’t have to be a competition. We try to improve our services by getting feedback from our customers. However, getting feedback can sometimes be challenging.

What would you tell other teens who desire to be an entrepreneur? Are there any tips you would give about getting started?

The best way to advise someone wanting to be an entrepreneur is to make sure they have a plan and a vision. A person’s plan should include ideas of the type of items and services they want to promote. Entrepreneurs should have a vision, for example, your logo, color, audience, and supporters. Attaining a good audience is the best thing you need for business. Make sure that when you are selling your products, you always have a smile on your face because having a good attitude takes you and your business very far.

How do you balance school and owning a business at such a young age?

I am still a teenager, so yes, I go to school every day and attend dance practice and cheer practice. Managing Kenzie’s Sno-Cones is a team effort because everyone has to role to play. My mom handles the bookings, and my dad handles the maintenance. I assist my mom with the finances and planning the events that are coming up. My godmother, Shenita Douglas, my Godfather Barry Douglas, my aunt Malinda, my cousins, and my god sister, Miyalexis, all play a big part in helping me, as well. They are a big help to my business, and I appreciate them very much.

Do you have summer plans with your business? Where can people find you so they can support you?

Yes, we have several activities planned throughout the summer. There are a lot of subdivisions and organizations that have booked us for several events. Some of the events we have planned for the summer include birthday parties, Juneteenth events, the children’s museum, Sunday fun days at the park, and many more. We also have events scheduled every Tuesday from 3:00- 6:00 at Madison’s Farmer’s Market. Kenzie’s Sno-Cones will be at Madison Health Complex every Friday. Our fans and customers can follow us on Instagram and Facebook as kenziesnoconesandmore.

How can people book you for their events?

You can book Kenzie’s Sno-Cones for your upcoming events in many ways. You can follow Instagram and Facebook at kenziessnoconesandmore. Another way to book us is on our website You can view our website at to review the flavor, menu, and services we provide.

Kenzi is an incredible role model for young girls everywhere, proving that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur if they set their mind to it. We can’t wait to see what this incredibly talented young woman will do next!


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