Dr. Ebonee Gresham Champions For Single Mother’s Aspiring To Become Nurses

Dr. Ebonee Gresham has been a nurse leader, manager, and educator for many years. She serves on the nursing advisory board for Chamberlain University. She is also a member of the American Nurse Association, Georgia Nurses Association, Georgia Public Health Association, American Public Health Nurses Association, National Black Nurses Association, Nursing’s Future Leaders Chapter of GNA, and the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.

Her dream is to have a scholarship in her name for single mothers who are aspiring to be nurses and enroll in school. Dr. Gresham has been featured in several media outlets including Linked In, Georgia State University, the Atlanta Journal of Constitution, CDC, Gwen’s Business Corner, and most recently was interviewed by news anchor Lester Holt and was featured on NBC Nightly News.

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Dr. Ebonee.

As a doctoral professional Registered Nurse who has an extensive background in various specialties within the medical field. What kept you motivated to continue your career?

Dr. Ebonee: The nursing profession is very competitive. In order to climb the corporate ladder, you either must have the years of experience or degree, and many times both. I knew early on in my career that I wanted to go higher academically. I was blessed to have seasoned staff nurses who trained and mentored me. My bachelor’s in nursing was all that I wanted at the time. Nurses were being encouraged to obtain their BSN to be compliant to be employed at Magnet hospitals and for their accreditation. Also, it can be beneficial to obtain a graduate degree in order to be marketable and at times above the competition.

As a mother, I wanted to display to my children that the sky is the limit. Anything that you put your mind to is possible and attainable no matter your circumstances.

What is a normal business day like for you as CEO of Royalty Body Spa & Wellness?

Dr. Ebonee: There are no normal days at Royalty Body Spa & Wellness. No two days are alike, as I strive to make sure each client has a unique experience each and every time. As CEO, I am entering the med spa with a positive approach and making sure that the spa is clean, calm, serene and ready for the day. I make phone calls, send emails and in between clients, I am creating content for social media.

What impact do you want to make in the lives of your clients?

Dr. Ebonee: The impact that I want to make in the lives of my clients is to remind them of their inner/outer beauty and their strengths. Many of my clients are ashamed of their bodies believe it or not, so during their session we talk about the areas they wish to improve, and I provide them with a realistic solution as to how I can help them. Most of my clients are business professionals and have families. They come not only to have their service but to vent, relax and decompress. The majority of them fall asleep during their visit and wake up relaxed.

You’ve overcome many obstacles while defying the odds. Did being a mother and having the passion to help others play a part in this? If so, how?

Dr. Ebonee: Being a mother definitely motivated me and helped me defy the obstacles that came my way. My children are my “why”. They give me strength and life when I am low. Through each and every storm, I would look at my babies and remind myself that they needed me, and that I must keep going for them. I am all that they have. When we were homeless and living in my truck, they all were very young, and I would stay up all night to watch over them while they slept. I prayed and cried out to God for our protection and his provision. I’ve always had a passion to help others. This is where my blessings flow from- being a giver and sower into God’s kingdom. Even in my darkest hour, I gave. I gave what I had at the time, because I knew if I could give with little to nothing, God would enlarge my capacity and I would be able to increase my offerings. My children learned this principle coming up as they witnessed firsthand the struggle but saw me give to others in need.

Please tell us about your memoir. What will it be called? When can we see it and what can we expect?

Dr. Ebonee: My memoir is powerful and depicts the journey of my life- from childhood to now. It dives deep into childhood traumas, grief and poor choices, but also breaks down each trial and testimony of victory. My book is entitled “The Grit, The Grind & The Glory”. This title was chosen because I had to have the determination to withstand the storms, the grind and hustle to push through adversity and God had the Glory every time. The book serves as motivation to other women to encourage them to persevere during the most challenging times in their life.

The book was due to debut in March of this year, but by there being so much to share, I wanted to make sure it really focused on the tests but also the testimonies. The book is now scheduled to be ready for purchase in August 2022. A pre-book sale will be available in July 2022.

What else can we brace ourselves from the lovely Dr. Ebonee Gresham

Dr. Ebonee: There is so much about me that the world does not know and will see. I am currently teaching classes on passive income such as Airbnb, as I am a super host of many properties and am sharing this knowledge with those who are ready to create residual income. I also am very focused on my coaching business and being booked and busy as an empowerment speaker at various events, podcast, and conferences.

My focus is to continue to operate in my purpose, which is to help virtuous women of valor fix their crowns. With my life experiences, tests and testimonies, I help support women through tough times and serve as a mentor to them to overcome their obstacles.

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