We Empower Magazine Presents… Dear Mom Series (Mother’s We’ve Lost) With Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin

Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin, Creator of The Divine Connections Agency is an educator, serial entrepreneur, media personality and branding strategist from Philadelphia. She has a heart of gold and changes lives on a daily with every person that she encounters. The Divine Connections Agency connects your PURPOSE and your BRAND! This is executed through creative directing, consulting, and media. Defining your brand is a journey of business self-discovery. Anything worth doing is worth doing differently. Tijania is a well-rounded person who enjoys living life through PURPOSE and with PURPOSE.

Tijania is also the Founder and Creator of The White Rose Society. The platform was created out of grief and the loss of her mother. The community is almost 300 women strong who are of all ages, nationalities, and live all over the country. They all have something common and that is to support and heal with one another after the lost of their mother!

She uses her life experiences to empower others to stay strong and push through all situations no matter how hard they may be. She lives by this great quote, “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it up with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” She is honestly a Mogul in the Making!

We Empower Magazine Presents… Dear Mom Series (Mother’s We’ve Lost) With Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin. Dedicated to Tijania’s beloved mother, Theresa L. Goodwin (June 15, 1961 – October 13, 2009).

Dear Mom,

I miss you like crazy. I wish you were here to see everything that is going on right now. A piece of my heart is still broken because you are not here physically. Who am I going to have around when I get married or have my first child? I will make sure your future grand babies know exactly who you are and how you were full of life! You were such a giving person but loved hard. Honestly Mom, I was sooo mad when you left me. I immediately turned into that little Tijania you loved so much. I was sad, mad, stomping my feet, and screaming. I did not know what I was going to do. I turned into that girl who is the only child with no mom or dad around. I did not think it would be me so soon. I dealt with that loneliness for years and it was hard!! It was was the longest years of my life.

But on another note, I am doing well all while being the CREATIVE you knew I was going to turn out to be. The educator in me is still out here teaching others how to utilize their gifts to create amazing things. I also started a community for other women and girls just like me who have also lost their moms. It was sentimental just putting it together and I know you would be so proud. I knew this community was needed not for just me but others.

I know you are watching over me and making yourself spiritually present when I need you to be. I love you with all my HEART and you are truly missed not by just me but many others. Continue to fly high Mom!

Love You,



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