We Empower Magazine Presents… Dear Mom Series (Mother’s We’ve Lost) With Martie Bowser

As the owner of Role Model Publicity, Martie Bowser possesses over 5 years of experience in the areas of public and media relations, branding, and curation. Martie has a great talent for being able to find unique niches for her clients that allow them to maximize their audience. Her ability to foster and nurture relationships across a variety of sectors have aided her in her ability to help clients from a number of industries.

Martie’s personable approach mixed with abstract strategies and tactful execution has helped her clients gain exposure that sticks with their brands for a duration of time. Martie and Role Model Publicity’s reputation was built in the entertainment and music industry. Cutting her PR teeth working with Atlanta-based label TIG/YFN during SXSW and A3C Music Festivals, Martie was able to create a network that served indie and mainstream artists.

Martie has grown from primarily focusing on music PR to working with television, film, restaurant enterprises, public figures, and more. Martie has had the pleasure of working with or in conjunction with brands such as BET, MTV, Live Nation Urban, OWN Network, TV One and so many more.

Martie believes that the job at Role Model Publicity is to tell your story. There is no cookie-cutter way to “get things done” but the goal is always to shed the light on the individuals that Role Model Publicity works with.

Innovative but efficient. Creative but cohesive. Direct but approachable.

We Empower Magazine Presents… Dear Mom Series (Mother’s We’ve Lost) With Martie Bowser. Dedicated to her beloved mother, Zelda Marie Keitt (February 28, 1961 — January 22, 2022)

To My “Awesome” Mom

Written By: Martie Bowser

Hey Mama,

This is the second letter I’ve written to you since you became my angel. It’s been four months and I’m still in denial. The anger is finally wavering, but sadness is my constant state.

The memories of the last three months that you were here work hard to erase the 34 years that I was blessed to have you as my mother. But I won’t let them.

I’m so glad you’ve started visiting me in my dreams, I even felt you come and hug me when I had COVID.

What makes me extremely happy is in every dream, you are healed and happy. That’s everything that I could have wished for. Mama, most days I wake up feeling like I failed you because I couldn’t save you. I was going to beat cancer for the both of us and I couldn’t do it.

As I try to work through my grief, I know I couldn’t stop it, but blaming myself provides the logical answer that I need.

I hope you see that I haven’t waited until Mother’s Day to honor you. I’ve cooked some of your favorite meals, they wrote a beautiful article about you in the Charlotte Observer, and I keep everything I have of yours so close.

I visit your resting site weekly, just to speak with you and add new flowers. It makes me feel like I’m still able to take care of you in some way. I still send you text messages of everything I do with my clients, or anything that happens; you were my biggest cheerleader and I know you still are.

I hope you liked your life celebration; everyone wore purple for you! I know that was you who stole my balloon during the release, it made it smile. Just like you always did.

Your last words to me were “Stop being a cry baby” and ironically remembering you saying that helps me when I’m in a state of darkness.

I’m pretty sure my letter won’t match the tone of the others, but losing your best friend is hard. Losing the kindest, most genuine person you know is hard. Losing your biggest support is hard. My happiest moments now are telling people how amazing you were and how everything good that I am was nurtured and influenced by you. I still marvel at how graceful, sweet, and strong you were during those trying months, even on the days you were in excruciating pain.

Mama, I’m still working on understanding that you aren’t coming back, but I know you have never truly left me. The pain is still fresh and I’m sure as time goes on, the darkness will fade a little and it will be easier for me to “stop being a cry baby”.

Even in an unsettled state, I had to write this letter to let people know how amazing my mother was. How AWESOME (her favorite word) she was. I won’t treat this Mother’s Day any different than the rest, I will be with you and honor you.

Mama, thank you for everything you gave me and are still giving me. I am blessed and thank God every day to be able to say I’ve had an angel in both forms.

Happy Mother’s Day crazy lady… I love you!


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