The Motivation of a Entrepreneur: Owner of XO Beauty Effect, Hannah Vereen

Hannah Vereen’s business name came about because she was always obsessed with XO and adding it to the end of everything as in “hugs and kisses”. When she first started and it was just her, by herself, she called the business XO Lashes. Hannah thought it was the cutest name ever at the time. This was until her clients started coming to her saying that they look and feel like a completely different person after they get their lashes and brows done by Hannah. This was a lot to take in at the time.

Hannah would drive home and think to herself “Did I really boost her confidence?, “Did I really change her life as she said?”. After processing all of the thank yous from her clients, Hannah messaged a graphic designer and decided to change the business name to XO Beauty Effect which is the final name.

Of course, Hannah couldn’t keep the lashes in the name because that isn’t the only beauty service that she planned to provide. Effect came from her clients, them telling Hannah that they look and feel completely different, and gave a before and after effect visually.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Hannah: Answering this question always seems to make me smile and sometimes laugh because I honestly had no desire to become an entrepreneur at the time. I was in the field of healthcare around that time and made an appointment for eyelash extensions for a special event of mine. I was so eager to get my lashes done that I couldn’t stop watching pictures and videos on Instagram coming up to my appointment day. That morning, I went to get my lashes done and came back in tears. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible but it definitely wasn’t what I expected. Not to mention, that event that I spoke of was actually my baby shower so you can imagine how emotional I was. After that experience, I stayed up all day and night researching as much as I could on eyelash extensions and what my lash artist at the time could have done differently. Little did I know, that that moment was the start of my entrepreneurial journey and within that journey, I found my purpose and helped so many women find their confidence.

What is a normal business date like for you?

Hannah:  Business days for me are always different. Being a business owner, oftentimes you wear multiple hats. Sometimes I’m the receptionist, the service provider, the marketer, the content creator, the trainer, the hiring manager, maintenance, and more. On a normal day, I’m up checking emails, reviewing the schedule, and providing services. I also teach classes in eyelash extensions and permanent makeup and prepare for that as well. In rare cases, a client may request to speak to the owner, and their reaction to me and my age makes my day even more. I genuinely love the environment here and I love what I do.

What impact do you want to make on the lives of your clients?

Hannah: I want to give my clients the access and convivence of enjoying services that were once only for people of high status or high income. I believe that self-care shouldn’t be unattainable. Our area lacked beauty studios or med spa establishments that weren’t either overly priced or catered towards a certain status. I don’t want to say lacked, it was actually a noticeably large gap. I strive to empower my clients as much as I can because although beauty services such as the ones that we provide here at XO are considered luxury services, they are in fact attainable and shouldn’t require a large sacrifice to obtain. I can proudly say that we have been filling that gap to the best of our ability and we will continue to provide amazing services and experiences for our clients.

What are some of the qualities you have that make you an in-demand business owner?

Hannah:  Some qualities that I have that make me an in-demand business owner is my ability to understand and relate to both our clients and beauty experts. I admire my ability to put myself in everyone’s shoes, this allows me to handle situations from multiple angles. I am also into all of the latest trends and products to enhance the client experience and service quality. A huge quality that I possess is my creativity. I am blessed to be able to turn nothing into something great. A blank canvas opens doors to so many possibilities for me. Our location in West Palm Beach was literally an empty space with four walls and two outlets. Every day I catch myself looking around admiring the details that were once a thought in my mind and has now been made a reality.

What are some super fun facts about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Hannah: A few super fun facts about myself is that I opened our first physical location in West Palm Beach, FL at the age of 22. With that being said, it was extremely difficult to utilize common entrepreneurial resources because of my age and not establishing much business history. Determined to pursue my dreams, I still took on the journey. I started this company from a bad experience that I encountered myself while seeking lash services. My bad experience both motivated and inspired me to do as much research as I can so that I’m able to provide my clients with an amazing experience.

Are you currently seeking assistance for your business, if so what kind?

Hannah: As of now, surprisingly no we are not seeking assistance.

Where do you see yourself and your business in the next 5 years?

Hannah: In the next 5 years, I see myself continuing to make an impact on both my business and my clients by continuing to further my education and gain knowledge on new beneficial trends/services. My company XO Beauty Effect is definitely going to rapidly expand with multiple locations within the next 5 years. My goal is to provide our clients with convenient and accessible beauty services by beauty experts trained by myself. This ensures that the services provided are top tier in quality in both the service providers and the products used for services here.


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