Interview With Pastor Rechard Larkin, Founder of Rechard Larkin Ministries, an Organization Aimed to Share the Gospel of Christ Jesus With All Nations

Rechard Larkin is a Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive who enjoys serving his local community, the youth in general, and the body of Christ. For nearly twenty (20) years Larkin has shared in preaching the word of God to God’s people; a vocation that he boldly accepts. As a pastor, he is the lead servant at the Mitchell Zion Baptist Church located in Baldwin County, Georgia at 309 Union Hill Church Rd.

As an educator, he served the Baldwin County School District (Milledgeville) in various capacities for 13 years (2007–2020) appreciating the opportunity to impact the lives of students in his local community through academics, athletics, and arts. Most recently Larkin has aided incarcerated male offenders in obtaining their GED at Hancock State Prison, a method of providing advocacy and mentorship opportunities to the offender population.

He has authored What Do I Do Next? 10 Steps To Becoming Who God Created You To Be: A guide to experiencing life at the top of your game in your relationships. Also, Larkin recently launched Re-3 Coaching and Consulting to aid individuals, groups, and organizations by using practical principles to improve their overall performance (in life) and become better. From convicted felons seeking to have their rights restored, to single moms seeking mentors for their sons, to men in their 40’s and 50’s facing midlife crises, Larkin employs Relatable, Relevant, Real solutions to everyday problems.

He is a man who loves God, and loves God’s people. And to lengthen the reach of his ministry arms Larkin founded Rechard Larkin Ministries, an organization aimed to share the Gospel of Christ Jesus with all nations: following the spirit, reaching the masses of people, preaching the Word of God, and teaching sound biblical principles. Efforts such as ‘We Kare Period’ and ‘EMPACT (Empower, Mentor, Prepare, Advocate for, Coach, & Teach)’ allows Larkin and his ministry team to meet people where they are and serve them at the point of their need. As founder, chairman, and CEO he provides vision to ensure local impact, yet, with regional, national, and international reach.

He is married to the former Karen Adams, of Milledgeville, the visionary behind Kareena’s Inc. (a leading interior design, event planning and decor firm in the Middle GA area). To their union are two beautiful daughters, Kya and Ka’Mya. Their son, Rechard Larkin, II predeceased them. Together the two serve in ministry at Mitchell Zion and to the church universal.

As we approach Father’s Day, please tell us how does your work as a Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive play a role in being a wonderful father? 

Rechard: One of the greatest joys in my life is being a dad to my daughters. Knowing first hand what it felt like not to have a dad in the home growing up predetermined my future response to fatherhood. It compelled me to choose to be a present, active participant and protector in the life of my children. As opposed to the titles and positions I play influencing me to be a wonderful father; I am a better Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive because of my work as Dad. The skills associated with being a great father like, mentorship, leadership, communication, sacrifice, compassion, empathy, dependability, and just being human are skills needed to operate at a high level as Senior Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive. My commitment to excellence as it relates to being a quality man, husband, and father help me to better serve in other areas of my life.

As the author of, What Do I Do Next? 10 Steps To Becoming Who God Created You To Be, please share with us the moment that you knew you were walking in your divine purpose to being what God wanted you to be? 

Rechard: For me, it wasn’t until I was able to fill the role as a father that I truly understood what my Heavenly Father purposed for me to do in my life. I vividly remember being a new father and attending the funeral of a loved one who had died tragically in a car accident. At the funeral, July 11, 2002, (nearly 2 months after the birth of my daughter, I had an encounter with the holy spirit that changed my life forever. At the funeral, I responded to the tug of God upon the altar of my heart and I gave my life to Christ. I surrendered my will for His will and things began to change. I began to cultivate a relationship with God that found me confirming the plan of God for my life — preaching the Gospel. Whereas, I had no desire or idea I would ever preach the Gospel. Now that I do, I would not trade it. From that day, I began to move closer to the purpose and destiny God was calling me to.

What did your work entail in the Baldwin County School District? 

Rechard: As a member of the Baldwin County School District, I served students, staff, administration, and stakeholders as a classroom teacher in addition to other capacities such as a head basketball coach, director of the achievers academy (alternative setting), and director of athletics. For 13 years I enjoyed the opportunity to positively impact the lives of students, to learn from and also mentor other teachers, and communicate with stakeholders. I viewed teaching and coaching as ministry. As a minister, I serve. As a teacher and coach, I served. As a result I was able to attain great joy seeing others impacted positively and changed for the better. My greatest joy came from coaching. As a former high school and collegiate (basketball) athlete, it was coaching that led me to the field of education; but, it was the potential impact upon all students that caused me to stay.

It is such selfless and Godly work you have done aiding incarcerated male offenders in obtaining their GED at Hancock State Prison. What was that experience like for you? 

Rechard: Shifting from working in the public school system and serving students in a way to prevent the “school to prison pipeline” from becoming a reality in their lives to working in the prison system with offenders whose pipelines seemingly had exploded was different. The difference to me was the (unexpected) level of engagement and commitment to learning from the incarcerated offenders. Helping those men get beyond the hurdles and gaps that existed in their educational path was rewarding. Just like getting a high school diploma reduces the chance of an individual going to prison, acquiring a GED while in prison reduces the chance that one will come back after release. It was a gratifying feeling knowing that the work that I was doing was in fact improving the lives of those I served.

What are you currently working on? 

Rechard: Currently, I am launching my publishing company aimed at helping pastors (particularly bi-vocational pastors), lay members, and business leaders add value to their communities by learning to Write, Witness, Work, and Win with the right book. In addition, I am working on my sophomore book What Do I Do Next? 5 Keys To SHIFTing Your Mindset For Success, and my third publication which is actually a daily journal and devotional.

What other projects or endeavors are you involved with? 

Rechard: Giving is such a huge part of who I am. I owe that to my mom. While she didn’t have much, she set a selfless example of what it means to give to others. My wife and I through our ministry established our We Kare Period initiative.We “Kare” Period is an initiative of Rechard Larkin Ministries focused on compassion and commitment to the local community. Whether it’s families or individuals in need, premium sanitary napkins for incarcerated females, partnerships with local schools, or addressing food insecurities, Rechard Larkin Ministries is able to say to the local community ‘ ‘We “Kare”, Period’. In keeping with our mission, vision, values, the We “Kare’’ Initiative positions us to intimately engage with our community and expand the Kingdom of God. Further, through this initiative we give the Rosa J. Larkin Memorial Scholarship to a male and female graduating senior of Baldwin High School who have displayed a commitment to academic excellence and have participated in athletics (or the arts). Also, this year we are looking to partner with agencies (in GA) that house incarcerated female offenders to provide premium sanitary napkins. According to The World Bank, “every day, some 800 million women and girls menstruate. Being able to manage their menstruation safely, hygienically, and with confidence and dignity is critical not just for their health and education, but also for economic development and overall gender equality”. So, we seek to raise awareness and remind women and young ladies that they are precious even during their monthly flow.

Please share some testimonials from those who obtained your services through Re-3 Coaching and Consulting?


“The sessions were very informative and they allowed me to learn new things about my husband that I did not know before hand” (T. H. C.)

“I feel like I learned a lot that will help me to move forward in marriage and relationship as a whole” (Shonda B)

“I implore you to connect with Pastor Larkin. We learned a lot and did some things to really reconnect again to make our marriage stronger” (D. D.)

What do you want your legacy to look like? 

Rechard: When I consider my legacy I think about both the tangible and intangible things. Obviously, as the Word of God suggests, I would like to leave my children’s children an inheritance (Proverbs 13:22). I’m speaking of generational wealth through money and possessions (i.e. real-estate, investment accounts, books, publications, etc.). While these things are important as it relates to providing my descendents with a degree of safety and security, they are not the most important aspects of legacy. In fact, in my view, a legacy that is only tangible will not be a legacy for long. Consequently, in addition to the material possessions, I want my legacy to be that my morals and values positioned me to treat other people right; I want my legacy to be that I left a good name. When it’s all said and done for me, I wish for my tangible and intangible legacies to be synergistic in that the sum total of what I leave is far greater than the man that ever lived.

What are some super fun facts about yourself that many people are not aware of? 

Rechard: I like to rap. As a teacher, whenever I discovered there was a student in my class who enjoyed rapping or making beats, I would challenge them to a freestyle during class. Also, if I were not serving in ministry, I would probably be trying to be a comedian. I enjoy making other people laugh.

What words of encouragement can you leave our readers with? 

Rechard: Listen, I encourage your readers to be the best version of themselves and spend their time and energy on things that they are able to control in their lives. Rather than unbalancing your emotional equilibrium with the choice to strong-arm (other) people and places to fit your narrative or expected outcome for them, focus on your personal journey to ensure you experience life at the top of your game.

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