Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week With Terressa Brown

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in the first full week of May, and it’s when educators get the extra credit they deserve. We are highlighting educators who also pour into children outside of a classroom setting. Today we get to speak to a woman who is educating children at the most critical age. One of the most critical stages of development and learning is from birth to five years old. Terressa, founder of, Ms. T’s Helping Hands is an early childcare provider and entrepreneur. We learned more about her company and her entrepreneurial journey.

What was the inspiration behind you starting Ms. T’s Helping Hands?

At 26 I left hospitality management and decided to continue my passion for childcare and making a difference in their lives. I decided to become a full-time nanny. I truly enjoyed it and after a few years I realized my clientele had really grown and I was getting a lot of requests for occasional care, part-time care etc. and I couldn’t fulfill all of the inquiries, I slowly started hiring.
My business which started in February 2019 with just myself has now employed 15 other childcare providers with the same passion.

Who is your business role model? Why?

My business role model is a client of mine Joey V. Price he’s a young African American entrepreneur I watch him every day run his H.R. business for small business owners, provide for his family, and run his business he started from scratch. I watch how he tries his best to balance life, family, and being an entrepreneur.

How do you differentiate your business from the competition?

I know what skills and background I hold. I’ve had people not agree with pricing but the time we’re living in now we have grown women who work for me and this is a part-time job for them and they’re no longer working for $12 an hour.

We’re professionals most of my providers have degrees in childcare and years of childcare experience.

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