Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield Tells Us Why Having Multiple Streams of Income Are Necessary for Today’s Market

Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield not only ran one successful business which generates over a million dollars a year, but she runs multiple high earning businesses: A Multi-Million Dollar Spa enterprise, An international Air BNB portfolio, a Trucking company, and a successful coaching program. Candace most recently has been invited to META/Facebook to teach other entrepreneurs how to succeed in business during the pandemic economy. Diversification is the key to wealth and Candace teaches the urban community how to quickly earn during this period.

We need people like you teaching entrepreneurs how to survive during a pandemic economy. What strategies, tools, and resources do you currently offer entrepreneurs?

Candace: Since the pandemic, we heavily focus on digital products and physical products in addition to being a speaker.

From your perspective why is having multiple streams of income necessary in today’s market?

Candace: I strongly believe in having multiple streams of income, especially passive ones. We as humans have worked so hard to survive or take care of our kids. I encourage every entrepreneur to secure passive income. It’s easy to life and living.

How has your professional journey been as an entrepreneur in our current climate?

Candace: As an entrepreneur doing business in our current climate I had to pivot. Posting on Instagram is no longer enough nor doing the bare minimum. I show up more, bigger and bolder in this season. I serve a lot more too.

Is it possible to build a successful business with no capital? Any tips you can provide?

Candace: It is definitely possible to build a successful business without capital. Please note I strongly believe and promote everyone to establish business credit. I built my first spa business with no capital because I didn’t even of a such thing. I used Facebook, word of mouth and Groupon to build my first business without any capital.

For those who want to create a business in an industry that they are unfamiliar with, what words of encouragement would you have for them?

Candace: Starting a new business blind can be very challenging and expensive. I strongly encourage humans to try new things. If it is unfamiliar to you I suggest finding a look alike business to research and study. Getting a coach or mentor in that industry is definitely a game-changer. The most affordable way to learn is via books. Spend time at the book store to read and learn more about running a business and your new desired industry.

Any news or updates about what you have going on that you can share with us at this time?

Candace: I’m super excited to celebrate 7 years as Six Figure Spa Chick. I also have 3 new spa millionaires to celebrate this summer from my leadership and serving the spa community.


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