WE Empower Magazine Presents… Dear Mom Series (Mother’s We’ve Lost) With Tierra Polite

Tierra Polite is a Charleston, South Carolina native. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Accounting in 2011 from Limestone College. She became a licensed cosmetologist in December 2005 and a registered instructor in 2009. Hair has always been her passion. She remembers watching her mommy do hair at home and playing with her marcel irons. Losing her mom at age 15 she was inspired to keep the legacy going. She began styling hair for extra money at the age of 12.

Her first job, as a stylist, was at Headquarters Beauty Salon in downtown Charleston where she worked for 7 years before opening her own salon. Her salon, Epiphany Hair Studio, was established in October 2012. She has taught at Miller Motte Technical College and Charleston Cosmetology Institute. Tierra also has taught many aspiring stylists in her private classes and mentoring many successful stylists over the years.

She has taught countless continuing education and business courses. One of her dreams was to always own her own beauty school. Tierra exemplifies great leadership and has mentored many professional stylists. Her favorite quote is “Inside every man is the destiny of another man”

WE Empower Magazine Presents… Dear Mom Series (Mother’s We’ve Lost) With Tierra Polite. Dedicated to Tierra’s Mother, Debbie Polite (October 1, 1960 -November 22, 1998).

Dear Mom,

It’s your oldest daughter and middle child Tierra. Lord knows I miss you so much. It’s about 24 years later and I’m still heartbroken and don’t even know how I’m still going on. I dream about you all the time. I always imagine what life would have been like if you still were here with us. It’s so much I want to do for you but I can’t. Everyone remembers your smart mouth, being funny, and that heart that was made out of gold. Your baby girl Annie is fine. I could have never replaced you but I think I did a good job. She is spoiled rotten. Your oldest boy Jacques will be home soon. Annie and I make sure that he is ok so don’t worry about him. You have four beautiful grandkids. Your only granddaughter is so beautiful and smart. Tyrin is your oldest grandson and he is doing well. They ask about you all the time. A’Mar is a handful and would have been to your house every day. Jacques son Jr. looks just like him.

As I write this letter my heart hurts. I’m a year older than you were when you died and I can only imagine that you were just beginning to live your life. The seeds you sowed were not in vain because your kids have reaped the harvest. People tell me stories about you all the time and how you opened your door for them. I definitely inherited your heart. Even though I feel like you were cheated out of life I still trust God. I promised you on your dying bed that I would take care of my siblings and I haven’t failed you yet. You are in heaven rejoicing with your parents and my dad.

Mom, I just want you to know that I love you and everything I do is in remembrance of you. I went through a lot but I made it through. Every goal I accomplish I wish I could call you and tell you about it. I’m in the process of completing one of my biggest goals! I always dreamed of having a beauty school and in a few weeks, Epiphany Beauty Institute will be open for business. My salon will celebrate 10 years this year. I guess I got the gift of doing hair from you.

I have so many unanswered questions for you that I will never know the answer to. I can only imagine the pain you felt when the doctors told you that you didn’t have long to live. The thought of you going through that makes me cry. I know you didn’t want to leave your kids but you left us in good hands. Your parents along with your sister Lane made sure we didn’t lack for anything. I’m ending this letter but never my love for you!


Your heartbroken daughter


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