Latrina Caldwell Discusses New Anthology Book, “I Choose Me “

After surviving domestic abuse, single parenting, mental wellness struggles, and more; Latrina Caldwell learned to choose life over time. Although the battle was challenging she restored her faith and found self-love to help her achieve greatness. Known as the self-care pusher, she facilitated the new book anthology called “I Choose Me “.

“I Choose Me” portrays 6 women who shared their real-life struggles of choosing themselves over toxicity. This new project is filled with positive affirmations, testimonials, reflection and even a companion journal.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Latrina.

Latrina please tell us about your anthology called “I Choose Me and the topics that you touch on.

Latrina: ‘I Choose Me’ came to me as I was going through trial and error. I was going through a phase of self-discovery within my self-acceptance that interfered in my personal relationships. I understand that until I can fully give myself what I need, how can I expect that of others? I am a visionary and I love to put it in ink. So as a visionary author I decided to do a collaboration, I was strategically looking for other women who adopted the mindset that sell-love is a lifestyle. I collaborated with five other amazing women to share our stories of self-love. We share our journeys as we were able to free ourselves from unhealthy relationships; jobs/careers where we felt unappreciated/underpaid; and even from being unfilled. We chose to make ourselves a priority!

How was your writing journey from beginning to end?

Latrina: Writing is very therapeutic, it is my number one stress reliever. I have moments where I take a break from writing during family time etc. But for the most part, writing is self-care for me. Also, the impact behind my truth will help another individual, that is why I love to write books. Someone has to accept/understand the assignment. I use my pain to help heal myself and others. I love being transparent.. The truth will set you free. Writing has always been a passion since I was 7 years old. I just activated that seed a few years ago. Now it’s growing and I love to water it. I am still in the beginning, I hope fulfilling my passions never ends.

What do you want readers to take away from reading the book and where can we purchase it?

Latrina: My ultimate goal is to plant seeds of inspiration and motivation. I would like to empower you to choose yourself. The goal is to obtain the mindset that when you choose yourself, you own your power. We have to also make a decision to choose ourselves in every area of our life. Choose yourself in your household, career, relationships, etc. This is why Self-Care is a Lifestyle for me, every day I give myself the time and space to allow balance within my Mental Health. I created an ebook to help individuals under the power of self-care and it’s loaded with Self-Care Practices, tips, and information. My books can be purchased on my websites, or Also via Amazon.

What have been some of your best practices for resilience and self-care?

Latrina: Resilience is my middle name. This is a part of my mindset. Self-Care is a lifestyle for me. I made a conscious choice to make myself my priority. I have been through so many trials and tribulations, I changed my mindset a long time ago. I know I have to stay ready to keep going and fight through my obstacles. As Self-Care became a lifestyle for me, it went hand and hand with resilience. Loving yourself completely will help with healthy mental health.

What other projects are you working on in the effort to lead communities through Wellness?

Latrina: As an active community leader. I sit on four community boards, where my voice can be heard. My primary goal is unity and healthy Mental Health while promoting Self-Care. I have a non-profit called ‘Saving Our Communities Foundations’. The mission and purpose of SOC Foundation is to give back, restore family structures and provide meaningful relationships that enhance families through resources and services offered. (I also run a Toys for Tots drive for my local communities.) I have a youth mentoring program for ages 12–18 (GIrls/Boys). We run this program all year round.

Future Leaders Matter Mentoring Program (FLMMP) mission is to help youth enrich their lives by gaining the ability to analyze their strengths and challenges, set personal and vocational goals, build confidence, and self-esteem to pursue and achieve goals in every aspect of their lives. FLMMP is committed to making a difference in the lives of youth in the community and ensuring that as a team we will engage in personal growth alongside the youth being mentored. (We offer Violence Prevention/Financial Literacy programs as well.) I want to continue to help my community and be a part of the changes that are needed.

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