Dawn Charleston-Green: Finding Beauty in a Dandelion

When it comes to flowers, a dandelion is rarely chosen because it is considered a weed. But even weeds have their perfect placement in this world. Did you know the dandelion is a perfect example of how life works in perfect cycles? Just ask Dawn Charleston-Green, founder and CEO of Dawn of a New Day 365, LLC, and Author of “5-Day Morning COFFEE Devotion” and “HEEEYY DANDELION,” whose life has cycled in the most divine way to allow her to inspire others.

The life of a dandelion is about legacy. They go through distinct stages of life, from seed to adult. The plant itself will mature, reproduce, and then die, but not before leaving behind a legion of seeds to continue the cycle anew. Creating Dawn of a New Day 365, LLC, Dawn is sprinkling seeds all over the world. DND365 is a blog and a movement for woman journeying through everyday life – the good, bad, ugly, and the unexpected. The purpose is to show women they can be overcomers with truth and transparency in a way that leads to transformation.

In an interview, Author Dawn discusses the origins of her past and how it led to her interest in writing. Hoping her books will inspire readers to have honest conversations with their loved ones and show readers that these types of discussions are vital to maintaining healthy relationships and have the power to help us better understand ourselves and those we love.

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do.

My name is Dawn Charleston-Green; originally from Mansfield, LA, but currently reside in Grovetown, GA. I am a proud wife (of soon-to-be 19 years) and mother (with a blended family of 5 adult children and one middle schooler). I have previous experience as a Director in Child Advocacy, an English and Choir Teacher, and a Veteran Army Officer. Today, I am an entrepreneur, Christian minister, mentor, writer, life blogger, self-published author, and speaker.

I am the author of the 5-Day Morning COFFEE Devotion – a devotion created for women to help deepen their faith walk. The COFFEE referred to in the book title is the being kind and not the drinking kind; being Chicks Of Faith Focused Encouraged, and Empowered. Because drinking coffee only provides temporary energy. Being COFFEE lasts a lot longer. I am also the author of a New Children’s Book entitled, “HEEEYY DANDELION,” – a story that gently addresses childhood Self-Esteem, Honesty, and Family Adoption.

Who is your target audience for your book? Why did you decide to write to this demographic?

HEEEYY DANDELION is written for children and families to help bring awareness and navigate conversations about honesty, children’s mental health, and non-traditional family dynamics. Particularly, I hope HEEEYY DANDELION becomes a resource for adoptive families and helps other families embrace the topic with sensitivity. It could also be a great resource for teachers, counselors, therapists, and child advocacy groups.

Personally, being an adoptive family and having our own experiences and hardships, I wanted to help other families know that they are not alone and that they don’t have to live in silence, shame, or secrecy regarding the unique challenges we sometimes face.

What inspired your children’s book?

The book was inspired by a blog I wrote entitled “Bloom Wherever You Grow, Dandelion!” and a sensitive conversation between my daughter and me.

In the blog, I compared the life cycle and attributes of a dandelion with that of a resilient person. I would use these same qualities to help my daughter better see and understand her own value and beauty within herself and in our family.

What was your experience writing a children’s book, and did you have any challenges?

I have a background in English and Writing. In fact, my degree was actually in English with an emphasis in Writing from Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

Initially, I thought I would possibly use my writing background to help me as a journalist or go to law school. However, my path wouldn’t necessarily go directly in either of those directions. However, life and my former occupation would allow me to operate closely in both capacities.

I wrote HEEEYY DANDELION fairly quickly; again, it was taken loosely from the blog I had previously written. However, I think the greatest INITIAL challenge came with finding the right illustrator to bring the work to life. Once I found the illustration team that supported my project, the trajectory of HEEEYY DANDELION soared further than I had considered or anticipated.

What would you like your reader to learn from reading your book?

I want young readers to identify with their feelings and emotions and find and seek trust in those who care about them to offer them the support they need to be successful.

I would like parents to consider alternative ways of dealing with difficulties with their children’s negative behaviors in a way that leads to lifelong lessons and not just immediate consequences.

What is next for you in the next year or so?

I have another book for my adult readers about the cycle of parenting through the approach of arrested emotional development. Looking through the lens and experience of trauma and/or unmet expectations that hinder other relationships. Hopefully, it will be ready in the fall. Additionally, fans of my devotion are asking for an extended version that I honestly just need to sit down and organize and make happen.

Where can people pick up your books, and where can people connect with you?

People can pick up HEEEYY DANDELION by going to www.heeeyydandelion.com, or they can find me and my devotion, blog, and HEEEYY DANDELION on my website www.dawnofanewday365.com.I can also be found at Dawn of a New Day 365 on all social media platforms.

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