Celebrating National Administrative Professionals’ Day With Shardé Brown

April 25th is National Administrative Professionals’ Day. The day recognizes the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. With April also being International Black Women’s History Month we decided to highlight a woman trailblazing in the admin assistant industry. Shardé Brown is the founder of Virtual One Admin. They are a full-service, virtual assistant agency that works with executives, high-profile figures, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. They specialize in helping businesses with their admin duties. Some of their services include social media, digital marketing, email management, bookkeeping, customer service, and event planning. Since starting the company, they’ve helped business leaders in several industries to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.

What was the inspiration behind starting your business?

Shardé: There are two key motivators that inspired me to get into this work.

The first is that after working in corporate America for several years, partnering with exciting start-up companies, and leading operations for small businesses, I noticed that one of the biggest pain points for each of them was operational inefficiencies and that they struggled to manage the day-to-day work necessary for growth. I saw an opportunity to help business leaders by providing high-level administrative and operational management so they could focus on the big-picture work that would help them achieve their goals.

The second motivator is more personal. A few years back, I was in a place where I felt extremely unfulfilled by my work. Every day I just went through the motions. I was uninspired and unhappy with what I was doing. It was then that I realized it was time to make a change. So, I decided to pursue my vision of creating a lifestyle where I could do what I love, work from anywhere, and have more freedom and autonomy. This sparked a passion in me to help others build businesses and lifestyles that would allow them to do the same.

Where do you live and what do you do outside of running your company?

Shardé: I now reside in Atlanta, GA. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with family, traveling, or learning something new.

Where is your business located?

Shardé: Virtual One Admin is an entirely remote operation, so our team members are located all across the United States.

What type of clients can benefit from your services?

Shardé: We offer beneficial services to clients who fit in one of two categories:

1) People who want to hire or work with a Virtual Assistant

– Small Business Owners

– Start-Up and Thriving Entrepreneurs

– C-level Executives of established organizations

2) People who want to become a Virtual Assistant

– Someone looking to escape the rat race and exit the traditional workforce

– Those looking for more freedom and autonomy while still getting paid

– People who want to have a home-based business

What do you define as success?

Shardé: I believe that we’re all put on this earth to do something specific, and when we figure out what that is and go after it with all of our hearts, that’s the definition of success. Doing your heart’s work. And if you can be paid well while doing so, that’s just a bonus!

For me, I’ve discovered that my success is very intertwined with helping others. The more I can help people achieve their goals, the more successful I feel. I’ve narrowed that down even further into two niche areas:

1) The first is setting up executives and entrepreneurs for success by optimizing and managing the operational aspects of their businesses.

2) And the second is inspiring people to live more motivating and flexible lifestyles through building home-based businesses.

How do you differentiate your business from the competition?

Shardé: There are a few things that set us apart from the rest.

The first thing that sets us apart is that we offer a wide range of services designed to help our clients run, manage, and grow their businesses and achieve their goals. From high-level strategic planning and hiring talent to day-to-day operations like email support and calendar management, we have the skills and experience to support a variety of needs.

The second is that our team consists of highly qualified college-educated professionals. Our virtual assistants are experts that have worked with companies of all sizes and sectors, so we know how to manage the many facets of a business efficiently and effectively. We have extensive experience in the online space, and we’re able to show our clients how to leverage the internet and technology to build and manage thriving businesses that can be run from anywhere.

Lastly, our focus on inspiring others to reach their potential and lead autonomous lifestyles is at the core of what we do. We believe that everyone has the potential to create a lifestyle that they love, and we want to help them get there.

What has been your most effective marketing strategy to grow your business?

Shardé: Word-of-mouth marketing has been a powerful strategy for us. We’re building a community of like-minded individuals who either need support with managing their daily operations to achieve their goals or those who aspire to create a more autonomous rewarding lifestyle by becoming virtual assistants. This community has been invaluable in helping us connect with new clients and grow our business.

Outside of that, we’re excited to ramp up other strategies like content marketing, social media, and SEO. We believe that these methods will allow us to provide helpful information while demonstrating our expertise. This will help us reach a wider audience and connect with more people who can benefit from our services.

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