Celebrating International Black Women’s History Month With Alexis Spice

April is International Black Women’s History Month. We are highlighting extraordinary Black women in all industries. We interviewed Alexis Spice, a woman doing extraordinary work in the fashion industry. For her it is more than just clothing, it is about empowering women.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Alexis Spice, I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I’m the youngest of three children and I was raised in a single-parent household. As a child I had a comfortable life (as far as I’m concerned), I have always seen my mother work hard for everything we needed and wanted. She is the reason for my optimistic mindset and go-getter attitude. In high school I became pregnant with my first son at the age of 17, after graduating I went on to pursue my education. I received 2 degrees in Elementary & Special Education. I gave birth to my second son at the age of 27 during the peak of my clothing business.

Who do you feel is your target audience?

My target audience is hardworking women who sometimes forget to treat themselves. They are either working 9–5 jobs, in school or starting their own business. They tend to put others first so here at Spice, we remind them that it’s okay to treat yourself. We know that these women are sometimes overworked so we send motivational quotes to uplift them throughout the week. We encourage them to take that trip they planned out and wear those outfits in your cart.

What do you define as success?

I define success as being able to do what you love every day and bringing joy to others while doing it. Being able to provide inspirational looks to women around the globe and dressing women for their most important occasions not only brings me happiness but makes me feel successful.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

The inspiration behind my brand is self-esteem. I started this brand because I struggled with finding jeans to fit my curves, once I accomplished this goal it became something much bigger. I loved seeing how women reacted in store once I put together a complete look for them. I would have women complain about their body types and being afraid to wear certain styles but once I educated them on the right looks for them, I saw a boost in self-esteem. That’s what keeps me going.

What do you think will be 2 popular fashion trends this Spring?

I think 2 popular fashion trends this Spring will be anything with stripes and knitted cover-ups.

How do you differentiate your business from the competition?

I differentiate my business from the competition by adding my personal touch, I run our social media pages so I’m speaking directly with customers. I get advice from customers and we implement what customers want to see. I really make my customers a part of the brand and share bts moments that others may not feel the need to.

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

My best advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs is to never give up. In this business you’re forever on a rollercoaster, one day you’re doing good and the next you’re questioning your whole game plan. Even as you continue to grow this ride never ends. I would say to focus on youre on journey, don’t get fooled by Instagram posts or compare your steps with anyone else. I know social media has brainwashed up to think that everything posted has to be real, it’s not. A lot of people are faking it until they make it.

Who is your business role model? Why?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have a role model but I do follow a lot of successful people and get motivated by their journey to success. If I had to mention one person it’ll have to be Sarah Jakes Robert, I love everything about her. She’s committed to uplifting women, she’s proof that you can be a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife, and last but not least she can dress like no other lol.

What do you have planned for the next six months?

Within the next 6 months, I plan to continue to grow my brand and empower women by building their self-esteem through clothing.


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