Business Conversation With Award-Winning Small Business Expert and The Founder of She’s Got Goals LLC, Karwanna D

Karwanna D. is an award-winning small business expert, the founder of She’s Got Goals, LLC and the Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts As a 20+ year business vet who has successfully built Two small businesses of her own, she teaches small business entrepreneurs how to grow their business with government contracts so they can have consistent, sustainable income and get paid top dollars by the #1 largest purchaser of services in the US without chasing customers.

Over the past couple years this Government Contracts Strategist has helped over 200+ business owners generate upwards of 3 million of dollars and growing in revenues.

Karwanna’s been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Star Tribune Business, Best Business Digest, SBA SBDC, Ticker News, The LIST TV Show and more and has shared the stage with major leaders including Les Brown, Trent Shelton, Dr. George Frazier, Stacia Pierce and others.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Karwanna D.

We love when with goals, what sparked your interest to launch She’s Got Goals, LLC? What services and resources do you provide?

Karwanna D: I’ve always been the type of person who shared information. And coming from a single-parent household, being raised by my mother with 6 other siblings, gave me insight into how powerful women really are and how important matriarchs are in families as well as in communities. So naturally, I have the heart to serve and empower women. She’s Got Goals, LLC was birthed out of the accidental success I discovered for my own business and I just wanted to tell other women about it who had goals of their own and who were optimistic about achieving them. It’s a small business coaching and consulting firm designed to empower women in business with tools, tips and strategies to successfully start and grow a small business and position their business as a vehicle to create generational wealth.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur and what is a normal business day like for you?

Karwanna D: What I love most about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to choose. I get to choose who I want to work with, what projects I say yes to, how I want to do business, and most of all, what I enjoy most is I can finally put family first. I remember when I was working a traditional 9–5 job that I pretty much hated, but worked because the money was good. My biggest frustration about that was not being able to be there for my little ones because I had to leave my house super early to drop my baby off at daycare to go to a job that I merely hated and by the time I got off I only had time to pick my baby up, cook dinner, go to bed and get up and do the exact same thing over the next day. I felt like a robot. And even with all the skills and knowledge and education I had, I wasn’t able to exercise or use any of that. I missed out on my baby’s first steps, first words…all the firsts because I had to tie up my day working for someone else and literally helping them build their dreams. I was surviving. Being an entrepreneur gave me my life back. And now, with my new son, I get to be there every step of the way. I get to enjoy every moment and I get to have him right there while I’m working with clients.

What have been some memorable moments in your career so far that you can share with us?

Karwanna D: Some memorable moments for me were the time I discovered what I call the biggest kept secret that every small business entrepreneur should know. And that’s the Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts for small businesses. That was the one discovery that changed the trajectory of my entire life. I had no clue that as a woman in business I could land the government as a client. I went from being a struggling entrepreneur who was trying to figure it out and trying to make ends meet to landing the 1st contract that pretty much gave me a year of income for just 28 days of work. Until then, I had no idea that the government buys everything and that they were obligated to do business with women and minority-owned businesses. And now I teach other women and minority business owners how to land the government as a client.

Another great memorable moment for me was the first time I made a big investment in myself and my business. It was a major mindset shift to learn that it’s only when you invest in your business that you get major results and the ROI on investments when you actually do the work is way beyond anything you’ve invested. That was a huge AHA moment for me. Now all I do is invest in my business. Because I know when I put in the work, the return will always be multiple folds abundantly above what I invested. The math just works.

Are you currently seeking assistance for your business, if so, what kind?

Karwanna D: I am currently seeking an assistant for my business. I’m looking for a social media strategist who can do lead generation as well as post daily on various social media platforms with the objective of getting more qualified leads into my pipeline for my coaching and consulting services. It takes real skills to strategically get high-quality leads online so I’m looking for an assistant who understands the science of lead generation and creating meaningful content that resonates with the right people.

What impact do you hope to have in your clients’ lives? 

Karwanna D: What I do has a lasting impact on my clients lives. Because I don’t just teach entrepreneurs how to land the #1 paying client they could ever acquire in the world as their client. I teach them how to completely optimize their business for success for the ultimate purpose of generating wealth. Creating wealth in black and brown communities. Positing their business to slow gentrification by buying the block back, becoming philanthropists, and creating an impact globally. It’s bigger than us. Our business is not for us to just get buy or pay bills, but to change our lives and the lives of those around us.

When my clients, who have never done any type of business with the government before, go through the step-by-step blueprint they learn when working with me and get results, that’s everything to me. I remember when my client Gloria, who was making zero in her business prior to working with me, landed her 1st $250,000 government contract and how that experience changed her family circumstances…that’s the type of impact and legacy I’m building. Not only did this contract change her life, but she now has the skill to land as many contracts as she wants for the lifetime of her business and so I will say I have a lasting impact on my clients.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Karwanna D: I really enjoy the God-led work that I’m doing with small businesses. For me this is more than just a business, it’s ministry. Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 200 small businesses generate upwards of $3M+ in additional revenues and growth. I’m led by God to help empower, inspire and impact the lives of many others across the nation. Being an entrepreneur has helped me to evolve into this mega woman and I use to be really, really shy so it brought out the best in me. I’m now a transformational speaker and an author with my latest book entitled Don’t Duck The Government, They Got Your Money (How to Make Millions Pitching and Winning Government Contracts) available at

How can we keep up to date with all you have going on?

Karwanna D: You can find me on social media under @KarwannadSpeaks on FB, Linkedin & IG. And on

To apply to work with me and learn how to get started with government contracts visit

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