Women Authors Spotlight: Multi-preneur and Author, Ty’Nelle

Multi-preneur and Author, Ty’Nelle is currently writing a series of children’s books called “Tuggah and Gommy.” It’s the adventures of her #12 Godchild and herself with life lessons. ty’Nelle wanted to do something that will pay for his college education as well add to the growth of “for us by us”. Black people need to be represented more in this industry in a positive light. The 1st book of this series launches this summer.

Ty’Nelle is also the owner of Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) Network, a family-owned business that caters to the entrepreneurial design of small businesses and startup companies. With a focus on helping other emerging companies leave a legacy that will sustain a continuous flow of generational wealth for their families and communities.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Ty’Nelle.

Happy Women’s History Month! What does this time of the year mean for you and how do you celebrate it?

Ty’Nelle: This time of the year means that we as women are being acknowledged, although we do so much throughout the year anyway, we are nationally being recognized for the great things that we’ve planted in the earth. I celebrate Women’s History Month by celebrating women who are making their mark in history now. I am utilizing my platforms to highlight our beautiful women of color. F2G Network (@F2G.Network) currently has a guest hostess for the month of March, who is warming my seat on our F2G Radio Show every Friday at 5pm CST on F2gradio.net. My Melanin Makeup (@MyMelanin.Makeup) is highlighting handmade Black women’s products i.e., customized Afro women designed earrings, hair picks, keychains, and journals. Also, one of my favorite ways to celebrate is the impromptu love that I pour out and receive from my sisters across the globe.

Who are some women that played an important part in you becoming the woman that you are today?

Ty’Nelle: Omgosh, My Auntie Bunni! Let me tell you Vernice Nalls Christmas was an extraordinarily eccentric and empowered woman. She introduced me to God, working hard for what I want, not giving up on myself, loving my dark skin, and taking responsibility for my actions. This beautiful chocolate woman who was stern in tone, straight-shooting, productive, and had a heart of pure gold was my joy. She could see when I was hurt, protected me from attacks that I later found out were lurking around me all of my life, and loved me truly unconditionally. She set the bar for being an amazing mother and role model without trying. She was a fierce, no-nonsense Queen with a beautiful smile, and she loved the generations who came after her. I personally needed to see a strong black woman and she was it for me. Transparent moment: until I was a young adult, I didn’t even know she wasn’t my blood relative; she
was my mother’s best friend/sister.

The thing is family doesn’t always run from your bloodline and my cousins are still my hearts and reminders of who she was for me. She holds a special place in my heart along with Maya Angelou. Actress, activist, and poetic genius who wrote I know why the caged bird sings and Phenomenal Woman. These poems encouraged me to write about some of the darkest times in my life. I slowly stepped outside of my shell and started to share my process with other people through poetry and plays because of her. I cannot forget about Eartha Kitt, the fascinating black woman who hit the screen as the sexy Cat Woman. Yes ma’am! She had my attention and set the pace for me to be and do anything.

What are some fun facts about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Ty’Nelle: Ok, well I am a random destroyer of TikTok dancing in the middle of a conversation, dinner outing, or store. I do not learn all the moves but will dance them like I know what I am doing. I am also a bit of a jokester. Having my family in shock and awe moments is everything to me.

When you are not running a radio program, what do you like to do in your free time?

Ty’Nelle: Oh, baby, I love the kitchen. I love to create random recipes just off of taste along. “Dump Dump”, is my son’s favorite. He named it that because it’s not a particular meal, it’s several meals that I just go in the refrigerator and decide that I’m just going to put some stuff together. 95% of the time they are pretty good. The other 5% are an opportunity to do better.

When you think of women’s empowerment, what comes to mind?

Ty’Nelle: The first thing that popped up in my head was a women empowerment group that I was an ambassador and featured speaker for when I went back to college 12 years ago. I was helping female students find their way in college and giving guidance for them to become their best selves. All while becoming my best self. Because of the struggles that I had gone through and hearing my story of how being resilient saved my life I was asked to be a mentor to other young ladies. I was truly honored to do so because I knew that I could teach others to be just as resilient and forward driven. I had just done my big chop and put a giant yellow flower in my hair, I was ready to take on every obstacle and I did.

What else would you like for our readers to know about you and all the amazing work you are doing?

Ty’Nelle: I am currently completing two #1 Best Sellers. The Adventures of Tuggah and Gommy is an amazing children’s book that will be written alongside my 4-year-old Godson and co-author, Michael (Tuggah). Flat on my back is a let me help you help yourself book on realigning your resilience and getting to your next.

What is a quote that you live by?

Ty’Nelle: “Always forward, never behind. Whatever you have left behind you, leave it there. Look at what’s in front of you and prepare to walk through every door.”


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