President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, Dr. Kameika Hinson

Despite Dr. Kameika Hinson’s many roles as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, Minister, and Grief Coach, the one role she’s always wanted to play since childhood was that of a mother. However, in 2007, her motherhood dreams were halted when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Tipping the scale at an alarming 419 pounds, she knew that she needed surgical help with losing weight. In July 2015, Kameika had bariatric surgery and she slowly emerged into the woman that she always knew existed behind the weight. In 2017, Kameika became pregnant before losing her baby to a miscarriage. Although heartbroken, her calling from God to help others became clear.

Dr. Kameika is now the President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, LLC. She is also the Founder and CEO of her nonprofit organization called Jeremiah’s Journey to Healing Ministries. She teaches women who have had pregnancy or infant loss how to cope, heal and flourish through purpose discovery and storytelling. Kameika is furthering her services by pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry while focusing on Christian Counseling.

Please tell us about Jeremiah’s Journey to Healing Ministries and the work that you do?

Dr. Kameika: I started Jeremiah’s Journey to Healing Ministries as a support group in my church but I quickly realized that this support group needed to expand beyond the walls of my church. My vision is to be able to provide international support to women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss through my grief recovery boxes. These grief recovery boxes will include a copy of my latest book and other essentials that I wish I had after I experienced my miscarriage. This is just a vision right now because funding for a nonprofit organization can sometimes be a struggle but with the help of God, I know that my vision is going to come into fruition.

As a grief coach, what tools and resources do you provide to those that obtain your services?

Dr. Kameika: First, a client has to qualify to work with me. Now let me explain qualify. Coaching and counseling are two things that are closely related but very different. I would never want anyone to mistake my services as counseling services. So after I do my initial assessment, we will decide if coaching or counseling is the best fit for you and if you need counseling, I have a list of partners who I can refer you to. If coaching is the route that we both decide upon, then I offer my Grief Recovery Roadmap, which the fee will be reimbursed to you if you decide to join my G.U.I.L.T. to Greatness program. I have also built strategic partnerships with different mental health professionals and medical doctors as a part of my program so the list of tools and resources can go on. I always strive to overdeliver.

What are some of the proudest moments in your career over the years?

Dr. Kameika: One of the proudest moments in my career is when I had just started as a coach and I didn’t really believe in the strategies that I offered. I knew that they had worked for me but I struggled with offering my services to the public. So one of my coaches pushed me to get myself out there so I started by offering my services for free. I was able to provide transformation in their lives with just one of my free sessions. I felt validated in the coaching space and I was definitely reassured that my services were greatly needed.

One of my more recent proudest moments was when I published my first self-published book. I have been a part of several collaboration book projects but when I made the decision to focus and actually write a whole book with my own content was probably the proudest moment that I’ve had in my life. My book is the foundation to my coaching program. My book tells you what to do. My coaching program tells you how to do it. So I’m not a fan of tooting my own horn but “TOOT TOOT”.

Please describe the moment that you knew you were walking in your divine purpose?

Dr. Kameika: The moment that I knew that I was walking in my divine purpose was probably not until this past weekend when I attended “The Throne Room Experience”. I received my assignment from God shortly after I had my miscarriage on December 29, 2017. I decided to become a grief coach in April 2020 but I didn’t form a legal structure for my business until March 2021. Now I knew that I was called to do something in ministry but I questioned that for several years. It is now March 2022 and I can honestly say that I know I’m walking in my divine purpose because of the confirmation I received in The Throne Room Experience by Minister Carla Gaskins.

Women’s History Month is upon us. What does this time of the year mean for you and how do you celebrate it?

Dr. Kameika: I’m choosing to celebrate Women’s History Month by promoting a female-owned small business every Wednesday of the month. I believe that women can create a greater impact by working together and promoting each other. I’m also choosing to amplify my services on several different platforms. I can have the greatest program in the world but if no one knows about it, I can’t make the kind of impact that God has instructed me to make.

What are you currently working on?

Dr. Kameika: I’m currently working on my 1st Annual Growing from Grief Summit that will be happening on Saturday, March 26, 2022. The conference will be a celebration of my new book, “I Lost My Baby and Now It’s Time to Find My Mind”. I will also have speakers who have grown from their grief in areas of the loss of a job, adult children, parents, and grandparents. I will be the keynote speaker and I’ll be doing my signature talk on the “3 Reasons Why You Need to Grow From Your Grief”. I will also be teaching one of my five proven strategies on how to do just that. The link to the registration page is

What else would you like for our readers to know about you?

Dr. Kameika: I have a mission of globally changing the stigma placed around pregnancy and infant loss. I have a passion for teaching women how to heal their emotional trauma and express themselves through storytelling. I believe that if more women were open to sharing their stories then the stigma would be greatly decreased.

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Photo Credit: Rhayna C. Photography

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