Niyah Monique and QutieBowties presents Bows and Bowties Pop Up Shop

Niyah Monique and QutieBowties presents Bows and Bowties Pop Up shop along with 8 other young entrepreneurs. Ranging from the ages of 8–17.

All from Detroit and Metro Detroit Area.

They will be showcasing their very own businesses. From Home Decor, Self Care, Fashion, Handmade Items, and so much more. All ages are welcomed.

The Event is located at 412 W. 14 Mile Oakland Mall (Troy) on April 2, 2022 from 11–8pm.

What motivated you to start the Kidprenuer Expo?

Attending several pop-up shops and there were little to no kid vendors present.

How long have Niyah Monique and Quincie Bowties been in business?

Niyah Monique started in January 2020

What can guests expect from this event?

Guests can expect a unique shopping experience where our youth are gathering and growing their business and great networking!

Tell us about Niyah Monique Bows? Where can we find her brand and products? Where can we find her online?

Niyah Monique has bows that are customized. Niyah bows can be found at We are also on Instagram @Niyah_moniquellc

Tell us about Quincie Bowties? Where can we find his brand and products? Where can we find him online?

Quincy’s brand can be found on social media outlets IG and Facebook under QutieBowties.

What motivated these kidprenuers to collaborate on this event?

Quincy was honored to be contacted by Niyah Monique and thought it would be a great idea for both kids in the same industry (fashion) to link up and expand their business to another level!

Why do you believe it’s important to teach children about entrepreneurship early?

It’s important to me to change the narrative for our children. Let them know they can set up for their future now instead of when they are about to leave the nest.

What can parents do to help encourage entrepreneurship?

Parents can help children find their niche by incorporating things that they love. Talk to them more and always support and encourage them in whatever they are doing! Then it will come naturally.

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