Ercelene Kinnebrew Discusses Curvy Girls Clubhouse, a New Online Community for Full-Figured Professional Women

Ercelene Kinnebrew is a daughter, mom, sister, friend. She is a self-proclaimed nerdy country girl. Born and raised in GA, north of Atlanta, her southern roots run deep. Inspiring and helping people fuels Ercelene whether she assists in a big or small way it just feels natural and right. As far back as she can remember, Ercelene has always been sort of a “cheerleader”, offering words of encouragement or pushing friends, family, and co-workers out of their comfort zone to fulfill their goals. “Everybody needs a kind word from time to time or to know someone believes in them and helping others fills my cup”.

She loves to laugh, create, and spend time with her friends and family. It is also not uncommon to find her enjoying time alone. A hopeful romantic and occasional naughty girl with a pen and poetry. She has a feisty side that most people would not expect from a southern girl. “My colorful imagination allows me to express myself on paper with ease and I enjoy it”. A proud graduate of the best HBCUs in the land, Hampton University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing. She continued her education at Kennesaw State University earning a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Leadership and Certification in Health Coaching. Ercelene is a lifelong learner and adventure seeker in her own way.

Her recently released book, Unpacking Your Backpack — Overcoming the Influence of Your Past was her debut as an author. She gives a birds-eye view into her life growing up and how her experiences caused her to battle with self-doubt and insecurities as a full-figured woman. “I have been thick my entire life, I had to learn to love myself as a whole woman inside and out and let go of the negative influence of my past”.

Please tell us about your business/brand.

Ercelene: Curvy Girls Clubhouse is a new online community for full-figured professional women to feel seen, appreciated, supported, and amplified! The idea for CGC was born out of my own experiences personally and professionally as a full-figured woman. Society is slowly embracing the idea of being size inclusive however there is still a lot of work to do for fuller figured women to be recognized for their greatness and not the size of their clothing. When I learned to love the woman I saw in the mirror unapologetically it transformed my life and I was able to “show up” differently. I could be me authentically.

I became more confident in who I was as a black woman and the value I brought to the table. I gave myself permission to be different and it was ok. I decided during the pandemic that it was time to help other women do the same. No more hiding in the shadows. Curvy Girls Clubhouse offers healthy lifestyle coaching focused on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. It is a transformational shift in mindset to increase confidence in being a curvy girl.

In what ways do you use your resources and services to empower others? 

Ercelene: My book Unpacking Your Backpack is the starting point to show others that they are not alone. You can be educated, successful, and still weighed down by negativity and external influences. From the outside, it appears you are living a life that looks great all while you’re suffering silently inside. I believe we all carry an “invisible” backpack full of experiences that influence the way we show up in life. Throughout the book, there are questions and activities that push readers to look deep into their behaviors and beliefs about themselves to uncover what is fueling their mindset. The entire book is an inspirational template of perseverance. I help women identify what’s in their backpacks, begin to address unresolved issues and create tiny habits to increase confidence. The Healthy Emotional Life Plan, aka H.E.L.P., that I share in the book is a tool I use myself. It is a plan to help establish healthy habits and set clear boundaries to protect your happiness.

What do you love most about the work that you do?

Ercelene: I love seeing the authentic smile of a woman who recognizes how dope she is, the giddy laughter when goals are met despite what people may have expected. I love seeing women of color walk confidently in all walks of their life. I enjoy being the spark to ignite the greatness that is already there for the women I serve. Simply put, my heart smiles when I can help someone find joy in their life.

What are some of your latest works that you are most proud of?

Ercelene: I am most proud of becoming an author writing Unpacking Your Backpack, Overcoming the Influence of Your Past. Talk about a vulnerable labor of love that I needed to release not only for myself but for other women who can relate to my story. I kept secrets for decades that caused me to behave badly, created self-doubt, and dimmed the shine of my curvy girl confidence. By sharing my struggles and how I was able to let go and forgive I hope to show other women they too can turn things around.

Receiving messages from readers sharing how the book was“right on time” or “you’re such an inspiration” was all the confirmation I needed to know that what I set out to do with the book was working. I even had men message me about how the book pushed them to deal with some “stuff” in their backpacks. I can’t lie, I questioned God about airing out my life on paper. I had thought about writing the book for years but never did it because of fear. When I finally surrendered to the assignment the words flowed with ease and the fear disappeared completely.

What are you currently working on?

Ercelene: I am excited to share I am currently writing my second book focused on love and relationships expected for release later this year. After many many conversations with friends both guys and girls, there was a common theme in the conversation that I have decided to write about!

What else would you like for our readers to know about you?

Ercelene: I am a what you see is what you get girl. My facial expressions can sometimes tell the story before I ever open my mouth although that is sometimes a good thing and other times not so good, lol. I love life and people and I will always use my voice to help empower others.

Are you seeking any type of help with your business? If so, what kind?

Ercelene: Yes, I am currently seeking help to bring more awareness and to build a bigger community for my business.

What do you want your entrepreneurial legacy to look like?

Ercelene: I want Curvy Girls Clubhouse to become the first name in the mouth of all women with curves who are looking for a community of women that look like them. A virtual place where they can learn skills to build their confidence, be acknowledged, celebrated, and empowered to live an authentic life. I want the world to see a fuller-figured woman and not automatically focus on her physical appearance. For the world
to see “More Than A Dress Size”

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