Empress Monisoi®️

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Moni’soi Salih Eshe Ra El  Bey 1®, Known as the MONI’SOI®, greatest accomplishments have been becoming a mother and grandmother. Her Genealogy is Creek I Long I Freeman  I Humes Crest is Emerald Green by Bloodline & Birthright.  She is the descendant Imperial lineage of the Levite Tribe,  Imperial Priesthood. MONI’SOI® is an International Brand, Supreme Aboriginal Title Registered Trade name. She contributes her creativity to being an artist since the age of eight, winning a first-place ribbon for her painting.

She started an entertainment company with her business partner by the name of Rage Bella Ra’ Entertainment®, working media events and coverage with Dj Drama, Young Dro, Rich Kids, 2 Chainz, Demaryius Thomas, Anthony Allen, Tyler Perry Plays, Red Carpet Events, Live Radio Events, and Movie Premieres. 

MONI’SOI® has modeled for many fashion shows including the Bridal Bash. She was chosen as one of the top Fashion journalists to write Fashion Essay winning two tickets to New York Fashion Week twice. She trained as a teacher with Barbizon School, one of the top fashion schools in the USA.  She turned down a position with Barbizon to be the Head of Marketing for Teen Vogue Campaign for New York, due to the unprofessionalism of the school and her children not wanting to relocate. 

Other accomplishments included being nominated as Entrepreneur of Middle Georgia and Bibb County, photographed at the Tubman Museum with many others for the cover of a local magazine, and chosen as one of the top two Entrepreneurs to Interview on I-Heart Radio, 97.9 WIBB.

Moni’soi believes in giving back. Her volunteering has included ministry, speaking to the underprivileged children, the youth and youth organizations, Made 2 Be More, Boys and Girls Club, Veterans’ Homes For Veterans.

What do your role and tasks entail as an International Peace Ambassador?

Moni’soi: As of right now, I am still in the growth and development process. I am certified in Leadership, Disaster Management, and as a Chaplain. I recently obtained my International Badge to protect the people. As an Empress of Amun et lh Wachi Nation®️، Chief Governor, Priest, and Diplomat I take my responsibility to the nation very seriously. My bloodline and lineage are imperial. My great grandfather was a full-blooded Creek. He was a farmer on my grandmother’s side. On my grandfather’s side my bloodline is Freeman’s and Humes. The Humes imperial crest is emerald green. My ancestral lineage had their own Knights to protect the imperial clan. Our imperial crests and flags are to be protected and honored by all, which requires discipline and hard work.

My day-to-day tasks right now consist of organizing, planning, and developing leadership programs to be implemented on a State and Federal level to reduce crimes against divinity. The people have a right to live a life of peace and to pursue happiness. There is a lot required of myself and the nation’s tribal council as we prepare for what’s ahead of us, developing greater leaders.

What is the mission of Prosperity University®️?

Moni’soi: To help women achieve prosperity on the dimension that they want to achieve it on.

What are some causes for women you are extremely passionate about?

Moni’soi: Eradicating the spirit and energy of poverty. Women are so strong and powerful. It all starts with who women are, what they are, and what they are not willing to accept in their life. Women are connected through divine birthright; they govern the treasures.

Happy Women’s History Month! How do you celebrate this time of the year?

Moni’soi: Recently I visited one of my sisters in Atlanta and a client also traveled to Atlanta. We enjoyed a couple of days of healing and building as women who are entrepreneurs. I refer to women who are connected to my vision as my sisters. It is not one-sided, I am also connected to their vision. I celebrate being a woman. The laws of attraction naturally have attracted other women during a moment such as this to celebrate one another, who we are, and who we represent. Women Entrepreneurs represent empowerment. I celebrate this now and forevermore.

What projects are you working on or have coming up?

Moni’soi: Currently, I am spending a lot of energy on Developing Prosperity University®️ Focusing my energy on growing, teaching, and building women. Starting a nation for me has nothing to do with I and everything to do with the people. Women are the answer to many of the problems that we see today. Women empower women. Women empower Men. The connection of this feminine and masculine energy empowers the children. Women change the dynamics of being a servant. We have served for far too long, now is the moment where we reign and teach the housemaids how to serve us. It is okay to celebrate one another as women. When the women celebrate one another, the men celebrate the women. Prosperity is what we all need as a whole.

What do you love most about the work you do?

Moni’soi: I love inspiring others and giving others the desire to dream. When we act on our vision others act on their vision. Being on an international platform has opened my mind up to the illusion of time. Building with multiple countries European Union, Africa, Australia, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Trinidad, Mexico, Nigeria has transitioned me into the world of leadership. There are so many time zones when we are meeting, you learn to value the moments that we are all in together. Peace is developed through international relationships. As a United Nations Peace Ambassador with international relations with the European Union, it has astounded my vision in the right direction. I remind myself when I am dreaming, having a vision that it is greater than what I can even imagine.

As a leader, an artist, and a creator I have realized that my work is essential to peace. I enjoy bringing something to the table. It is important that we all bring something to the table so that we can truly feast.

What do you want your legacy to be?

Moni’soi: My legacy is everything that I’ve given birth to and everything that I’ve built. My children and grandchildren are my legacy. Everything that I’ve created has been for my heirs and heiress. I want the next generation to be inspired by my life and the decisions that I have made. Nicki Giovanni said that “Legends attract Legends.” We are all connected to one another for a reason and our purpose is valuable to one another, not just ourselves. What we do and the decisions that we decide upon have everything to do with the direction of history. We as women must acknowledge this truth. Our legacy started the moment we decided to walk on purpose. Women are my legacy. I hear and envision the voices of women in many countries speaking on how my words of wisdom have truly empowered them to go harder, think on a grand scale, and not let up on the enemy. We all have enemies in our mind that must be defeated prior to us defeating the enemy that is outside. I made a decision to defeat my enemies first, it has changed the trajectory of my experiences.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Moni’soi: I have a saying, “I won’t be the reason for failure. No one else will be the reason for failure.” Women everywhere must know failure is the gateway to success, yet she must not stop there. She must win. She must prosper. I represent women. I represent life, motherhood, nobility, leadership and peace. Most importantly I represent love. Love is the only access we have to the ether. It is there where I see what truly needs to be achieved. Once I see it, I just go for it.

How can we keep up to date?

Moni’soi: You can subscribe to my newsletter online on my website www.monisoiltd.uk or follow my social media pages IG @monisoiel

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