Dr. A. Louise Bonaparte: Unapologetically A Universal Black Woman

As a professional Black woman, it’s important to be unapologetically authentic to who you are. There is no need to water yourself down to conform to someone else’s perception of what they believe you should be. You owe it to yourself and your career to stay true to who you are, unapologetically. And this is what makes Dr. A. Louise Bonaparte who she is.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Bonaparte comes from an upper-class and godly family of educators, judges, physicians, healers, and preachers. A seventh-generation ordained preacher, third-generation multimillionaire, and CEO of a 91-year-old global family enterprise of over two hundred and fifty businesses with employees on every continent. And though raised around individuals of high social status, she was taught to be down-to-earth, loving, and caring to all. To never look down on anyone and to always help those I need. Her unique culture and perspective are what truly sets her apart from others.

As a professional woman of color wearing many hats, Dr. Bonaparte believes it is essential to be unapologetically herself in everything she does. She is a passionate and dedicated Black woman who refuses to compromise her beliefs or her values for the benefit of others. Being authentic has allowed her to build trusting, strong, and long-lasting relationships with celebrities, colleagues, peers, friends, and family.

In late 2021, she lent her voice to the anthology Bl@ck Girl Activist: A Shift in Social Change because she felt Black females, their successes, and voices are overlooked, underrepresented, and misunderstood. Her chapter, titled “We the Black Women,” brought clarity on how we can change or “shift” the narrative of the Black woman. She wrote from her personal experiences as a successful Black woman and what she sees. Black women have to endure.

Practicing medicine as a Surgical Oncologist for two decades, she left to walk in her calling, serving full time in ministry. Her calling came with both purpose and elevation as she became a Chairwoman on the International Board of Rabbis. Making history by being the only female and person of color serving as the Chairwoman of an International Board of Rabbis shows how much progress can be made when it comes to women’s equality. She never apologizes for being an amazing universal black woman.

In the next year, Dr. Bonaparte has plans to expand her enterprise and her ministry. She is rebuilding a new and improved website, A.L. Bonaparte Ministries, which is not only her personal preaching and teaching ministry. This is in conjunction with her seven nonprofits. She always has new initiatives and yearly fundraising for special causes raising millions of dollars. She will also be releasing two published books available everywhere.

Stay in the know and connect with Dr. Bonaparte at the website: revdralb.org and on

Facebook: @ALouiseBonaparte

LinkedIn: Rev Dr A Louise Bonaparte

Twitter: @DrALBonaparte

Instagram: @dralb

Clubhouse: @revdralb

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