A Conversation With Interior Designer, Karen Larkin

At Karenna’s Design, it’s believed that your space should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye while promoting peace and tranquillity with the everyday functionality of your space in mind. Karenna’s Design’s founder Karen Larkin says it is very important to listen to the needs of her clients. Karen’s goal as a professional interior designer is to create a tailored design, by allowing it to be a beautiful reflection of you and the people that live there.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Karen.

If someone were to ask you who is Karen Larkin, what would be your reply?

Karen: Karen is a Woman of God, a woman after God’s own heart. She is a servant with a desire to truly see people WIN and be the best version of themselves. She has the passion to empower and uplift others, especially women. She is an energetic, fierce, bold, outgoing, caring, and loving person. One of her passions is the love she has for people, by helping them to discover and explore the greatness within themselves. It is important to pour into the lives of others and help them see the greatness inside of them. She is family-oriented, family is so important. She is an entrepreneur and a visionary, “Without sight, there is no vision and without vision, there is no sight.”

As a survivor of domestic violence herself and her issues, she began the “Girl Power” platform to equip and empower women for the building of God’s Kingdom. Interior designing is her ministry. She desires to use her gift to revive and help restore women and their families through interior design. She believes it is so important to create a space that will cultivate and help them to discover and understand God’s direction and purpose for their lives by creating a peaceful atmosphere to thrive and grow. She strongly believes we must be real and relatable to fully help and serve God’s people.

We would love to know about your latest work as an author and how can we obtain your books?

Karen: Still working on the book, entitled “Peace Within Theses Walls.”

As a speaker, what are some topics you touch on? Do you have any speaking engagements coming soon? If so, when and where?

Karen: The most important topics are Declutter: Why is it so important — this is a form of self-care and helps improves well-being, Defining a Space: Giving a space purpose and function — this gives more direction and clarity, Is Your Space You — is it a true reflection of you or whom you desire to become, and Peaceful Place: Creating Balance and Harmony — what elements to incorporate when in a space that will achieve the desired goal or outcome of the space.

Happy Women’s History Month! What does this time of the year mean for you and how do you celebrate it?

Karen: It’s a time of year when all women should be celebrated. As women, we face many challenges, setbacks, disappointments, pain and deal with many personal issues, but because we did not give up and continued to push forward is worth celebrating. We all have women in our lives or women who have been in our lives that we should recognize and be honored for their perseverance, courage, bravery, strength, and determination because of what they endured.

I celebrate this month by encouraging and empowering women from all walks of life, starting within my family and community. Women make history every day simply because we kept pushing! One of my favorite scriptures is, “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” — Proverbs 31:25

What would you like our readers to know about Kreative Kreations by Karenna’s?

Karen: At, Karenna’s Design, we believe that your space should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye while promoting peace and tranquillity with the everyday functionality of your space in mind. It is very important to listen to the needs of my clients. My goal as a professional interior designer is to create a tailored design, by allowing it to be a beautiful reflection of you and the people that live there. As a designer, we desire to create spaces that promote creativity and productivity, decrease stress and anxiety, and build self-esteem and self-confidence; a space where you can just take a minute to relax and breathe.

Creating one space at a time with you in mind. A space where you can thrive and a space that will serve you!

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What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Karen: No one ever knew this, including my family, I wanted to be a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines. That was short-lived because I did not meet the height requirements.

What do you want your creative legacy to look like?

Karen: I want my Create Peace At Home Program, to be used for years to come to transform thousands of people’s lives through their living space! I want to leave a legacy as the designer that impacted the lives of others and helped them discover that true Peace within! I want people to begin to cultivate that greatness on the inside and understand the impact has on the life we choose to live. Creating an atmosphere that will cause a shift in their lives. I want people to share their testimonies about how their life changed by simply creating a “Peaceful Home” a home conducive for creativity, productivity, health and wellness, healthy relationships, stronger families, financial freedom, healing, confidence, motivation, tenacity, and the list goes on.



I’ve had the pleasure to hire Kreative Kreations by Karenna’s twice. Mrs. Karen did my kitchen remodel in 2020 and my living room makeover in January 2021. I can honestly say I am pleased with everything! She was punctual, informative, and respectful of my time. Both rooms look totally different and coordinate with each other. The colors flow from my living to my kitchen. I told her I didn’t want to lose my comfort but still wanted everything pretty. She assured me I didn’t have to compromise comfort for beauty. And she delivered! She is fun and caring, even prayed for my home. I couldn’t ask for a better person/company to decorate my home. –Shanta Moore

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