A Conversation With “A World Of Good” Author, Abed Ereikat

A new memoir, “A World of Good” by Abed Ereikat unveils one man’s journey from the holy land to the land of opportunity.

This story begins decades ago in the village of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem. From a father with a vision of opportunity and hard work emerged a young Palestinian boy, Abed Ereikat who made a way when his dream had been tainted by the violence and despair surrounding him.

The loss of the Palestinians’ homeland almost 30 years prior and living in that reality each day created a tone of sadness and defeaT. However, the genuine happiness that came from living in a tremendous community-produced love and loud laughter.

Abed wanted to write a book about what happens when the odds are against you, and you still manage to make a way.” A World Of Good”: is a memoir. Abed eagerly shares his story. It is one of the humble beginnings with a genesis proceeding from a small house on a hill in a remote village in Palestine a country with a tense history. It starts there and somehow meanders where he writes from a tourist destination in America, overseeing 300 team members for one of the most significant popular resort properties.

Abed says that all of this is grounded in the humble truth that anyone can certainly do it if he did it. It is his hope in sharing his story that the readers may be encouraged to see the power of a mindset. Abed life’s values and principles have been hinged upon and are no secrets left for an elite few. They are for an entire generation to rise, apply them and benefit the world for a life worth living and a world worth living in.

What sparked your passion to become a writer? 

Abed: Well, everyone who knows me and hears pieces from my story, says I should write a book and I always said yes, when I retire it’s my goal to do so, until 2020 with the loss of lives, sickness, jobs, and worries, it proved that we all have an expiration date. I needed to write my story urgently. If tomorrow is not promised then why wait? That’s when I started to write.

Please tell us about your memoir A World of Good. What message do you convey and why do you think it’s important for book lovers to read it? 

Abed: This book is about my story and how I was raised by loving, and caring parents and how as a Palestinian boy with a dream and against all odds with our situation there believed that if you can dream it, you sure can achieve it.

It takes you on a journey of my upbringing and how important the power of mindset is, each chapter is an example of how determination and the will to succeed and NEVER LISTENING to naysayers.

What was the journey like for you to complete the book? 

Abed: It was an AMAZING journey and due to COVID, I was pushing my publisher daily to move faster.

How did this particular writing journey make an impact on you personally? 

Abed: It did affect me big time and it was very emotional as it brought me back to my childhood memories and life used to have and my family and loved ones back home, it did humble me and made me a better, kinder person as a father, son, boss, friend, husband, etc.

Also, it made me believe that I can do this. What I thought was impossible, wasn’t actually that bad and was completed on time and before the year was over within 6 months, my book was completed and my pride and confidence went through the roof.

What other projects or endeavors are you currently working on or involved with? 

Abed: I am passionate about seeing people grow. My future plans include using my platform as a hospitality leader and author to mentor and coach to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. I’m involved in local organizations and see many opportunities for speaking engagements with others leaders, industry professionals, and students. Very excited and looking forward to giving more of myself to the community. Les Brown once said, help others achieve their dreams and YOU will achieve yours.

As an accomplished motivational public speaker, what is the best advice you could give to aspiring writers? 

Abed: Mindset is EVERYTHING, your altitude in life is determined by your attitude. Go after your dreams, always work on improving yourself, believe in yourself, never listen to naysayers, never put your dreams on hold, be determined to succeed, and follow your passion, it will lead to success. Aspire to make a difference and not make a living.

A World of Good was published via Rojas Publishing, 2020.
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