Women Who Mean Business Spotlight: Mary Harvin

Mary Makishia Harvin was born January 31st, 1985 to Jean and Alonzo Morgan Sr. in Detroit, MI. She is blessed with 2 sisters & 1 brother. As a child, Mary was very outgoing, talkative & charismatic, which sometimes got her in trouble in school, but would later help her excel in the Bar industry. Mary graduated from world-renowned Cass Technical High School as well as studied at prestigious Cranbrook as part of the H.U.B. program. After high school, Mary attended a few colleges including Michigan State University, where she studied Chemistry & Mathematics in a dual major. Mrs. Harvin began her career in the restaurant industry in 2001. She has held many positions from bartender to fine dining server to casual dining server, host, alley coordinator, carry out specialist, service and bartender trainer, as well as manager in training.

Through it all, Mary had deeper wants & needs for her future. Mary’s prime focus as part of the hospitality industry has been to provide a grand, memorable experience to every guest. Quality, professional & expeditious service is what Mary strives to provide every time. In 2017, Mary became Mrs. Harvin by marrying her long time friend, Jason Harvin. Jason & Mary have 3 beautiful children together, with a total of 7 wonderful children total. With a big family, there is plenty of love to share. Mary spends her time enjoying being a wife & mom, running the bartending scene of Detroit, as well as still serving in the restaurant industry to this day. Mary is looking forward to an upcoming product launch.

What is your business name?

Mary: Udrinkimake (U Drink, I Make)

Where are you located?

Mary: We are mobile! We are everywhere you need us to be!

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Mary: I wanted to be in control of when I worked & who I worked for. Becoming an entrepreneur gave me that freedom!

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Mary: I love to help create memories. Each event is followed includes our Social Media Experience! Our Social Media Experience is where we go live, create stories & reels of your event. The Monday following the day event, we do a recap on our social media channels to let everyone know about wonderful event we serviced. This creates a beautiful moment on our social media channels where we can tag our clients and their guest, that leaves them with tons of social media attraction, even possibly going viral!

Please tell us more about your brand and the services you provide?

Mary: We offer many services. We offer Mobile Bartending Services, Mixology classes & wine tasting events. We also have been a new self-care body line, hand-crafted non-alcohol Margarita Mixers, & Udrinkimake Signature Bar Tools.

What are you currently working on?

Mary: We are working on launching our self-care body line. We have to edible body scrubs that leave you smooth and tasting like your favorite drink.

What do you hope for yourself in 2022?

Mary: I hope for new opportunities, more face-to-face engagement & more nationwide growth for Udrinkimake.

Happy Black History Month! What does this time of the year mean for you and how do you celebrate it?

Mary: Black History Month means a time to reflect on those that have come before us. A time to understand just how far we have come, and how far we have to go. I like to play with the symbolic colors. Supporting black businesses & researching black bartenders such as Tom Bullock & R. R Bowie.

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