Two years later, Savannah and Mason’s love story has ended. While yes, I know you are unaware of what their love story really consisted of but let me just say there was passion and fun with insecurities and jealousy. It was a beautiful long storm that ended up damaging Savannah at the end of it all. Hence, as their story comes to an end, Savannah leaves the readers with her latest diary entry. It details her last thoughts about their love story and her true thoughts about the loss of a love. I hope you enjoy the ending of the beautiful story she didn’t continue to write. Who knows, maybe she’ll share with you the entire story that led up to their tragic ending.

Savannah speaks…

You gave me love, with a little bit of trouble. I gave you passion with problems; you gave me the energy I gave to you. I said I love you; you said I love you too.” Now, I wanna be with you forever.” I gave you something better. I gave you my life, my world, my time, and my energy. I loved you and we ended tragically. I hated the way you didn’t crawl back to me. I wanted you to beg for me, and you left me stranded for the heartbreak that left me for dead. My love and my passion were not enough. You wanted adventure; I wanted you, and I still do.

Two years have passed and you are still the love of my life, but every day you slowly fade away. Do you love me or is the love for your girlfriend more than the feelings you have for me? I know I let you go but I am still selfish for you. I still desire your love. Our bond will forever be unharmed, my love.

Honestly, we ended because it was the wrong time and the wrong place but not the wrong one. Everything about you was right. Your eyes, your hair, your smile, your touch, your face, your embrace, your love… And even though we didn’t last there are just some things I cannot get past. I can’t get past the hurt we caused one another and I thought we would always be down for each other. But as they say, “all good things must come to an end,” and sadly, we came to that end. 

As I write in my diary, I can barely see through the tears falling from my eyes. I am reminiscing on our love as my aching soul cries. I don’t love you but I love you. I care about you but from a distance. If I let you get too close, I may forget why I stopped loving you and imagine you being my future husband. Stay safe and enjoy your new girlfriend. I hope she treats you better and you are happy with her. The hurtful truth is, I think you chose an amazing girl. But maybe, just maybe, one day you will come back to me or vis versa.


Your ex-love/Savannah

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