Leda Toussaint, Creator of All-Natural Feminine Care Company, GNTLE

Leda Toussaint’s twelve-year background in medical science and passion for women’s reproductive health laid the foundation to help launch GNTLE in 2018. Leda is currently working to help women “Go GNTLE” with the goal of dismantling the taboo stigma around women’s health, bodies, and sexual wellness.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Leda.

Please tell us about yourself.

Leda: What would you like our readers to know about your company and the services/products you offer?

GNTLE is an all-natural feminine care company born out of my personal vulvovaginal issues. I created a gentle and sophisticated feminine wash formula with four simple ingredients that aid in a woman’s vulva cleansing and healing process. Every element in the GNLTE products is natural and hand-selected to bring our customers the safest care possible.

GNTLE’s natural feminine washes were created to give a triple vulva balancing effect while eliminating odor as well. Combined, the natural ingredients help balance the vulva’s natural moisture, pH, and good and bad bacteria.

This is the first feminine wash of its kind on the market, and I am so proud of that!

In what ways do you feel your resources make a difference in the world?

Leda: GNTLE is a resource that’s here specifically to provide access. Access to better personal care, safe hygiene options, and access to a pathway to total well-being. Most importantly, GNTLE provides access to a safe space for women to learn about their bodies and become their own advocates. This makes a difference in our world because access creates a seat at the table for women to help dismantle the “taboo-ness” around female reproductive health and sexual wellness. Ultimately, GNTLE is a resource that’s here to empower women. An empowered woman can make a massive difference in the world.

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Leda: I’m looking forward to automating product sales through Amazon. Doing so will free up my time to educate and connect with my growing tribe.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Leda: I specialize in helping women with sensitive and high maintenance vulvas embrace their femininity and regain their confidence by using GNTLE products. Some call me the “Vagina Lady.” LOL, I’ll take it! I have helped women with vulvar dermatitis, recurring yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, excessive vaginal sweating, chronic vaginal dryness, and the list goes on.

However, what I’m most proud of is the impact GNTLE has made thus far. Selling the product is wonderful, but my ultimate goal is to help dismantle the “taboo-ness” around the female body and assist women with becoming more comfortable with themselves. It’s a win for me when I can change how a woman thinks about how she cares for herself and her Lady (vulva).

I would love the audience to know that GNTLE is a woman-owned feminine care company that sells all-natural feminine washes in two sizes; 1.7 oz (travel size) and 8.5 oz bottles. If you follow us on Instagram at @gntleladywash, I host a weekly Instagram Live segment called “Girl Talk Tuesday” at 8 pm EST. I’m always there answering questions about our natural feminine washes or just creating an overall safe space for women to come together to talk about all things womanhood.

Leda Toussaint


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