Interview With Delphine Price Foster, CEO of Six Figure Trucking Academy

Delphine Price Foster is the CEO of Six Figure Trucking Academy @sixfiguretruckingacademy. Being a young girl heavily inspired by her Father who has always had a small trucking business, she followed in his footsteps and started her own by purchasing her first truck in 1997! Delphine had no clue as to how she was going to succeed, but it was her faith that carried her to her triumphant victory 24 years later and counting. Making her one of the many fortunate Black women in the trucking industry today!

In March of 2020, Delphine realized she wanted to help women like her get into the business, which prompted her to open the Six Figure Trucking Academy. It offers two different programs: the 3-day intensive trucking course and the full 90-day course! Her purpose is to give other women the gems about trucking and to educate them on the misconceptions. The academy’s mission is to teach women how to start a trucking business as passive income & to have an annual trucking business giveaway. Along with offering courses on how to start your trucking career, it also offers services including: finding quality drivers, truck shopping, and more!

A quote Delphine always finds herself telling women she is in communication with is: You don’t have to be a truck driver to be successful in this industry. It is a business anyone can break into with the proper training and resources!” ​

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Delphine Price Foster.

Delphine Price Foster

Please tell our readers about the Trucking Academy.

Delphine Price Foster: Yes! Hi, Six-Figure Trucking Academy is a school dedicated to teaching women how to have a six-figure trucking business. A business that is passive income, investment purposes but most importantly does not have to ever drive a truck. This academy was started by a successful woman that has mastered trucking and is wanting to see other women succeed in the trucking industry while creating generational wealth.

What are some testimonials from participants?

Delphine Price Foster: 1. So many but that my mentorship is like no other I ensure the success I don’t just give access to a portal and pdf. I actually hold your hand and help to implement each step involving starting the trucking business.

2. I give the good, the bad, and the ugly no FLUFF and that is what I have found that people appreciate most, and yes I have lost sales because some got scared from listening to my testimony.

3. I am AVAILABLE to my clients unlike any other type of mentorship they have experienced previously. Whether is it making phone calls I will say put me on 3 way and that is certainly comforting.

4. I am their Sisters Keeper since no matter what I will ensure their success whether it is going in my personal rolodex or giving personal contacts.

5. I am genuine, authentic, and passionate when it comes to trucking.

6. Delphine knows her stuff.

What are some misconceptions of women in the trucking business?

Delphine Price Foster: 1. One of the most common misconceptions is that women think in order to have a trucking business that they must drive a truck and that is not so. They are afraid they have to become a truck driver and change careers.

2. Another one is many women feel they need a MAN to start a trucking business they actually feel like they are not capable until I show them otherwise.

3. That they must have a lot of money to start a trucking business and I always share with them how I purchased my first truck with a welfare check. And just ensuring them that they can start a trucking business no matter what their budget is. Tho it may not be the most extravagant setup but they will have a business with what their money could afford.

4, They are terrified of a Big Ole truck they will say I can’t buy a big ole truck and I say why not. You see if you can buy a car then you can buy a truck. I take away that myth by actually taking them to the truck dealership and test drive trucks and open the hood just so if they see me doing this in heels and makeup that they can too.

5. My final misconception is that they can’t start a trucking business because their husband is not interested in this type of business. With all due respect, I show them that he doesn’t have to have anything to do with the business. In fact, he won’t even realize you have a trucking business that is how low-key this type of business is.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Delphine Price Foster: I enjoy mostly the people that I am able to help, the transformations that happens right before my very eyes, the confidence and excitement that my clients have by the time we are finished with their training.

I enjoy knowing that finally their dream came true beyond all adversity they actually have a trucking business.

Almost everyone that I helped has called me screaming and crying the first time their semi got delivered or the first time a driver left in their truck it is incredibly rewarding.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Delphine Price Foster: This year I’m looking forward to creating my first Annual Trucking Business giveaway to an amazingly deserving single mom.

This year I’m looking forward to helping at least 200 more women start their trucking businesses.

I’m also looking forward to all of the in-person events, tradeshows, and classes that I will be a part of so I get to meet so many people in person.

For more information on The Six Figure Trucking Academy, classes, and events please visit here.


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