Chanel Scott and Josh Powell to Launch New Innovative, CheMinistry to Lead In-Depth Panel Conversations About Relationships

We Empower Magazine readers, we would love to introduce you to Chanel Scott, creator of CheMinistry, and Josh Powell, 2x NBA Champion and co-creator of CheMinistry. Both have launched a new and innovative branding campaign surrounding its relationship panels. CheMinistry is a relationship platform created to bridge the gap between purpose-driven men and women who desire to progressively move their love life to the next level. CheMinistry is scheduled to begin a seven-city tour in January 2022. Josh and Chanel jump-start the conversations by first peeling back the layers surrounding some of the more critical issues that plague romantic relationships in today’s culture.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Josh and Chanel.

How did your partnership come about to become the co-creators of CheMinistry?

Chanel: Well, my name is Chanel Scott, and I am the creator of CheMinistry. Essentially, I launched the platform in 2015. I had come off an 8-year stint of celibacy and I wanted to understand the male perspective. So, I created this platform where I invited influencers and local celebrities to come and join in on a transparent conversation about relationships. In order to have a wholesome conversation, you have to have the male and female perspectives. And so I did that for about 4 years until I met Josh Powell, who is the co-creator of CheMinistry. He has essentially developed the male perspective aspect of CheMinistry.

Josh: With this platform, it is very important that we continue to help bridge the gap between men and women and continue to show what healthy looks like. How people grow and evolve together working on their meaningful partnerships and relationships set a foundation in which the generations to come can know and understand what success in a relationship truly is.

What would you like for our readers to know about the platform?

Josh: Well, what I would like the readers to know about the platform is that its purpose is to bring healing and togetherness. We are wanting to remove the excuses as well as anything else that can hinder men and women from coming together and being in meaningful, successful, and healthy relationships.

Chanel: Talk a little bit about the misconception of CheMinistry. You (Josh) don’t want people to think “what” about CheMinistry?

Josh: So I don’t want people to feel that CheMinistry or our events are about being messy or “getting the tea”. It has nothing to do with that. We want those who attend to be able to express and talk about their experiences as well as share with other people, to possibly provide them with a new level of understanding. We want our audience to know that there could be a level of peace provided knowing that you can connect with someone who has gone through similar things or had similar experiences. That’s how healing and growth come about. A lot of times people want to hear from people that they either look up to, follow, or they are just interested in what they have going on.

So what better way to do that than to have everyone in a room together having an intimate conversation about relationships, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the good and the bad. Ultimately answering the questions of “how do we get better ?” and “how do we grow?”. It also helps us address how we fix a lot of these issues that seem to plague us, especially in the black community, when it comes to our view on relationships and how things should go.

What are some testimonials you can share with us from those who utilize the platform?

Chanel: One of the many encounters that I have had with people who attend the platform is that they come into the space not really knowing what to expect and a lot of times they have the opportunity to listen to the conversation because we are very transparent and very honest on the platform. You will hear various perspectives, and this gives the listener the opportunity to listen through their own personal experiences and obtain principles that can help them in their own personal relationships. I have had people let me know that they have come to CheMinistry and have had a situation taking place in their own personal lives.

However, just based on them being in the room and hearing a different perspective (a perspective that they may have not heard before), it has helped them change their outlook or perspective on a particular issue, or maybe approach it in a completely different way. That’s all we can truly ask for, that each listener that experiences CheMinistry leave with some takeaway that will assist them with their own personal relationships and its success.

We understand that you are going on tour soon and will be conducting panel discussions. What is the message you want to convey on this upcoming tour?

Josh: My biggest message is health, across the board. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically as well as financially in relationships.

Chanel: One of the things that I want to do is, I want to expose as many people as possible to CheMinistry. I want them to experience the event in its totality and hear the different conversations and listen to the various perspectives and be able to glean practical principles in order to develop healthy relationships.

What else can we be on the lookout for from you?

Chanel: Well currently we are working on our first book as business partners. It’s called Love at War: The Enemy Within. It deals with various issues that plague people today in relationships. Essentially, we tackle different topics as we uncover the many different layers that plague relationships today. We talk through the various topics and the readers are able to gain the practical principles that I spoke about earlier. Also, we are working on a podcast called Relationships Matter, essentially dealing with relationships and mental health. Stay Tuned!

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