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A Conversation With Queen of Book Profiting, Taurea Vision Avant

A Conversation With Queen of Book Profiting, Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea Vision Avant is a computer science graduate from Hampton University. She is an author of more than 15+ books and the latest include “The 10k Book”, “Don’t Go Broke Trying to Be a Business Owner“ and “How Not To Be A Broke Author”.

She has been featured on ABC, Fox, CBS, and more! In 2009 she founded Show Your Success LLS where she has helped more than 5000+ speakers, coaches, and network marketers to write profitable books to grow their business.

In 2019, She also founded a non-profit, Urban CEO Network, whose mission is to be the bridge between the Urban Community and business, career, finance, and wellness success.

In 2020, Taurea was able to also add the title of TEDx speaker to her resume where she was one of the first to ever do a virtual TEDx conference as a speaker.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Taurea Vision Avant.

What are you hoping for this new year ahead?

I’m looking forward to building more strategic collaborations with other business owners who can also serve my client base. This will allow me to bring more value to my clients while also not having to work as much. I’m also excited about helping 1000 Authors generate more than $10,000+ per month this year. It is my ultimate goal as an author who has been able to do that to show other authors in my same genre how to do the same. I find there are way too many amazing authors not getting paid the money they deserve.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

I can’t lie, what I love to hear most is when one of my clients is making money! Now I’ve heard some people money is not everything but to a business owner I’m sorry it is. I think the challenge that many have is they attach money to the wrong things. When people talk about having money, they may associate it with material possessions. Now while I like to have nice things just like any other person, for me, making money is not about what I can buy with it but more so how I can leverage my money to do more of what I’ve been called to do in this world. Sorry but that takes money too. So to be able to effectively help my clients make more money and then use that money to continue to walk further in their purpose is one of the biggest joys of being in the space that I am.

How does the work you do make an impact on others’ lives?

Well outside of the fact that I am helping speakers, coaches and network marketers share their stories effectively with the right book, I am also seeing how I’ve helped to also bring people closer to God. I heard one of my coaches, Aundrae Gaskin, say at a conference recently that our purpose here in this world is to bring people closer to God. Well, when he said that, that truly stuck to me. I know this may sound random but I know for a fact that I have that purpose on my life. I am able to gain trust of people through helping them with different vehicles but ultimately I want to be an example to men and women on what life looks like being connected to him and even at the same time not being perfect.

When you think of women empowerment what comes to mind?

I think of collaboration. I think of love. I think of happiness. I believe true empowerment amongst women doesn’t mean that everything is perfect and that you are not disappointed at times, but women empowerment means getting back up and staying true to the idea that we as women can and will effectively work together to help build each other up.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on expanding my book coaching business. I’ve been blessed to already help more than 5400+ speakers, coaches, and network marketers to become authors but my main focus now is not just helping men and women to become authors but helping them to be profitable. I am also planning to launch my wine that I believe is such a great combination with being in the book world and I look forward to continuing to lead by example by building more strategic partnerships and collaborations.

How can our readers benefit from your services?

I am the Queen of Book Profiting meaning that I not only help you to become an author but also help authors to profit, promote and perform. 80% of authors never make more than $10,000 per year. It is my goal to help change that.

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