Striking More Than A Beautiful Deal: Dr. Markey W. Pierré Shares Her Knowledge on Negotiations In New Book

To become effective in business, you must first develop your own supportable point of view regarding issues relevant to personal style, which often falls on how confident you are. But to really make your mark in business, you have to understand the power of leverage. This is something Dr. Markey W. Pierré, DBA Vice Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff, LSU Health Sciences Center, knows all too well. Brazen, brilliant, and assured, she has long committed herself to speak boldly and walking fearlessly into rooms with a clear expectation of what she wants and will have. And she is now teaching other women how to do the same with her soon-to-released book, The Beautiful Deal, The Woman’s Negotiating Guide.

The Beautiful Deal is a digital resource equipping today’s modern, professional woman for conversations that require her to be confident while working to ensure all parties walk away feeling as if they have struck the deal of a lifetime. Each concept and stance build on the next and equips any novice negotiator with strategies and expectations with great clarity and precision. It is also a resource that professionals can use to quickly address ever-changing situations and remain prepared for the next meeting, contract, or salary negotiations.

During her 20 plus year career as a successful business owner and executive, author, motivational speaker, and adjunct professor, Dr. Pierré has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 corporations, school boards, and gaming and entertainment venues to municipal entities and professional and trade associations. Her ability to connect with people and achieve deals has made her the go-to person for many of America’s largest companies. Her words are powerful, and her confidence in negotiating with clients has managed to bring people from different backgrounds together with shared goals toward success while maintaining professionalism. This instinctive knowledge and know-how Dr. Pierré is passing on in this guide.

Dr. Pierré understands how this universal skill can benefit people from all walks of life with different backgrounds who are looking for success through bettering themselves and getting what they want and deserve (especially women).  The Beautiful Deal uses a very personal approach that helps each person find what they need most when confidently speaking up during negotiations, big or small, personal or professional.

In our society today, there are many obstacles we face when trying to make changes happen effectively, so it is not surprising if sometimes these challenges seem impossible or difficult. Why struggle alone in negotiations when a practical resource will elevate the stress and worry about business or personal relationships. Leadership starts outside the boardroom, and Dr. Markey W. Pierré is giving confidence to all when walking into them.

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