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Genene “Gigi” Nicole: An Entrepreneur Not Allowing The Pain of Her Past To Dictate Her Future

Genene “Gigi” Nicole: An Entrepreneur Not Allowing The Pain of Her Past To Dictate Her Future

Many young girls picture the fairytale life seen on television and written in books. You know, the one with the white picket fences, a beautiful marriage, and 2.5  children. And while that may not be the case for many, no one sees themselves as a young girl growing up on the streets from the age of 13, escorting and selling drugs to get by. This was the life of Genene “Gigi” Nicole, founder of Priceless Diamonds, Inc., a 501(C)3 nonprofit established from experiencing difficult times in her personal life and wanting to ensure others didn’t go through what she did.

An advocate for young voices and sex trafficking, Gigi has made it her mission to bring awareness by sharing her painful story, one from which she is still healing. I was able to sit down and chat with Gigi about her past and her growth to be the best version of herself now. Her transparency and honesty are both touching and inspiring.

Gigi, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. I have to say kudos for the transitions that you have made in your life and all of the overcoming to be victorious. What inspired you to come out and share your story?

That’s a great question. And I have asked that question to myself a million times. And when I say a million times, literally a million times because I didn’t want to, and I still really am torn in doing it just because it makes me so transparent and vulnerable at the same time.  I’m not wired for that.  I’ve always grown up knowing that everything isn’t everyone’s business, but I do have an amazing son that’s turning 25 on January 1st. I realized that if we don’t allow people to see our scars, pain, history, or story that are part of our purpose, how can we help others? And I know with my son and others, they don’t know a lot of my story, and sometimes it can cause confusion.

Sometimes it can make a person overlook certain things depending on how you react or what’s going on. So, I feel this is like a ministry. This is something that I need to do. One, to help myself heal. And two, if I’m allowed to help others heal and be something to them, whether that is a voice in their ear or a voice on their heart to give them the knowledge. And show that if I can make it through, anybody definitely can, no matter what you’re going through.

So, I decided to put my feelings on the back burner and allow what’s been partially concealed without entirely giving everything. But definitely some of the things that have been concealed to be revealed to inspire and help others and myself.

When did that switch happen for you? And then what did you do that to implement that thought?

I would say approximately 2009 or 2010, I had got raided, and there was just so much confusion at that time. I had been raided before, and it never really affected me, but this time it shook the core of who I was and what I was doing. And if I was walking the correct way as a representative for my son. After the raid, I had a dream that my son would visit me in prison and that he was going to wind up in prison.

And at that point, even though it was a dream, it shook my soul. I knew I had to start making changes right then. And at that point, everything was different for me. Money started becoming dirty to me, the way I was hustling, the company that I owned, it all started messing with my head and thoughts. And then another change was in 2011. I lost my daughter when I gave birth to her. And from then, I’ve just been on a spiritual journey of self. I refocused my journey of figuring things out, and they were like landmines in my life that I had to do something about.

There’s something about the manifestation of dreams that can immediately change lives. What prompted them to raid your establishment?

I had an adult entertainment company that provided escorts, adult entertainers, male and female birthdays, bachelor parties, domination, and everything like that. Two raids were on the warrant of prostitution and drugs. And as an establishment, they said that we were doing prostitution at appointments and stuff like that. And then the third raid was pertaining just solely to drugs. So, they really couldn’t deal with my entertainment company in the third raid. It was more about the drugs and the other two; they raided me due to the entertainment company and drugs.

When you look back at the trajectory of your life and the decisions you made, what are you hoping that your story gives to women (particularly to protect themselves and give themselves a voice)?

Through my story and my errors or things that were out of my control, I feel that it will inspire them that no matter through your pain, you do have a purpose, and no matter our wounds, we don’t have to stay in them. We don’t have to feel less than we don’t have to allow people to take advantage of you or to chase a dollar or two, depending on how you grew up or the, you know, the hand that you were dealt, that you don’t have to play that hand. You can turn that hand in, and you can cash it out on something else, a better life, a better way, and nothing that we’ve done can’t be healed through ourselves and our journey. And we have to be okay with exposing ourselves, especially if we have kids or people who need that ministry to help them. So, I’m just hoping that it inspires, and they can take away from it through their pain.

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Who is GiGi Nicole now?

Who am I? That is a great question. I’m a mommy. I’m someone that’s inspired to heal and to help others heal. And am constantly learning. I’m a student, a student of life, and I am excited about my present and future to be better for myself and my son.

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through the priceless diamond’s website There’s a number on the website that goes directly to me.

My website is And, of course, I’m on all the platforms under @GigiNicole.


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