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Exclusive Interview With Katisha Jallow, CEO of K Luv Culture LLC

Exclusive Interview With Katisha Jallow, CEO of K Luv Culture LLC

Katisha Jallow served over 21 years in the Military working in areas as Military Police, Human Resources, Professional Development, Operational Training, Suicide Prevention, Victim Advocacy, and Risk Management. Katisha volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Children to be the voice to children in the court system. In addition, she dedicated a few hours to training as a Crisis Line Counselor at Suicide Prevention Center.

She became a Certified Life Coach and used her Suicide Prevention Trainer skills to create a nonprofit organization, California Suicide Prevention Network ( to promote awareness, resources and conduct educational workshops. She is a member of Veterans Media and Entertainment, American Legion Post, sit on boards with  Home Owners Association, and the Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Technology and was studying Psychology in Media and Entertainment.  Katisha was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of TheologyKatisha has a company called K Luv Culture LLC that specializes in Life Coaching, Business Strategic Consultant, Immigration services, and Artist Development.  She is a licensed Talent agent and loves to incorporate her services in the Music, Media, and Entertainment industries. Her passion for music is Lyrics is a Lifestyle. 

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Katisha.

What was your experience like working in the military?

Katisha: Ironically, I am still in the military. I have over twenty years of active federal service.  Maybe after my daughter graduates college or I get an endorsement/sponsorship contract as a brand ambassador for any major brand  – I CAN RETIRE (smile). Working in the military as a black, single parent, female, with the military police title and rank of E7 (Sergeant first class) is quite challenging and rewarding.

There are only two more ranks to reach the highest enlisted rank. It has been quite a journey to strive to reach the next rank. I say challenging because my specialty is majority males. Military Police holds not only military standards but upholds a higher standard. Maybe that is why I love watching Law and Order (SVU), Chicago PD, and balancing my life in community events so much (smile). Working in the military has been continuously rewarding because I get to experience, adapt, and overcome diversity and help Soldiers with their professional development and operational training.

I was stationed in New Jersey…Ohio…overseas…Tennessee…California…and Florida.  So I love the opportunity to meet and work with people from everywhere.  I love to travel so it’s been an excellent job experience.  I also hold a Human Resource specialty, which balances and gives a rewarding feeling of how to help people with their personal and professional goals.

What inspired you to advocate for children who didn’t have a voice in the justice system? 

Katisha: I was on a mission to learn more about how kids were raised and their interaction with their parents and role models.  I would hear about kids in the foster system or when I had my daughter I realized and wondered how many other kids out there had parents who were absent from their lives. A lot because of not only court-related cases but in life in general.  I started volunteering at my daughter’s school functions and realized that many kids are very introverted, bullied, or had many emotions different from what their parents wanted them to be.

Therefore, I came across a lady who stated there is a court-appointed advocate for kids (CASA) which was strictly volunteered to be in kids’ lives to learn more about them and their lifestyle so when their parent had a specific court case you can be that voice for the child from your perspective.

I did that for a few years in Tennessee. Then when I got to California, I was introduced to the court system program where you can be the eyes and ears of the children when the parents were court-ordered to visit their kids called Supervised Visitation monitoring.    

Suicide Prevention is a topic that many shy away from, yet you are such a one who is leading the charge and bringing awareness to this cause. What would you like to share with our readers to enlighten them more about suicide prevention?

Katisha: We never know what anyone is going through so smile at the grocery store or anywhere in passing someone or call a cashier by their first name. (reading their name tag of course). Wave to your mailman or garbage man. Having a nonverbal or verbal conversation may help someone.

COVID has shown and brought out many underlying emotions and relationships in becoming more aware of our mental health during pandemic, quarantine, and coping overall.  Music is my therapy when professional therapy is unavailable or limited on a daily basis. Lyrics is Lifestyle. Finding your passion on a daily basis and knowing there is help in self-care, professional counseling, and/or spiritually.

What are you currently working on?

Katisha: Currently I’m working on four things; 1.  Looking for a ghostwriter to write a memoir/biography 2.  Creating a mobile team to conduct workshops in suicide prevention, life coaching, and business strategies 3.  Working with Musicians, Promoters, DJ, and Producers to help with Artist Development and immigration services to bring International artists to perform in the US to expand the culture. 4. Preparing to military retire in the next two years if not sooner.

What is a quote that you live by?

Katisha: Music is Therapy, Lyrics is a Lifestyle. Living life to the beat of the heart and music and seeing people, places, and things for who they are and not what I want them to be.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of? 

Katisha: Wow, a super fun fact, I use to be a tarot carder and I read my horoscope daily. Also, I can do public speaking in front of over 300 people but I am an introvert.

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What do you want your legacy to look like?  

Katisha: PersonallyI want to build a legacy where people can say she always kept a smile on her face.  She lived her blessed life.  I want my daughter to know that she can walk into a room and represent her brand… herself just like her mother.

Professionally–I have a seat with a plaque in Hollywood, California that I would love people to go to every year.  I adopted a highway that I want companies and colleges to volunteer their time to conduct team-building groups at that location.

Lastly, I want well-known Celebrities and people to take on the California Suicide Prevention Network once. I currently have current campaigns already going on about positive mindset, resilience, and self-care. In addition, I want K Luv Culture to have an Annual K Luv Culture Awards that will recognize International Musicians, DJs, Producers, and Social Influencers from all Cultures.

Katisha Jallow, CEO of K Luv Culture LLC

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