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Crime Novelist, Aaron Philip Clark Releases Book Exploring Black Identity In Law Enforcement

Crime Novelist, Aaron Philip Clark Releases Book Exploring Black Identity In Law Enforcement

Mystery and crime novelist Aaron Philip Clark released his fourth book UNDER COLOR OF LAW, now available for order on Amazon.  Published by Thomas & Mercer, UNDER COLOR OF LAW centers on a black Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective working to solve the homicide of a black police recruit which pins him a deadly web where race, corruption, violence, and cover-ups intersect in a relevant, razor-sharp novel of suspense.

Inspired by Clark’s experience with the LAPD, the book aims to spark dialogue within the law enforcement profession and the public regarding racial bias, accountability, the use of force, and training within police academies.  Clark’s thought-provoking and thrilling story offers insight into Black police officers’ challenges in and outside the department.

As harrowing evidence of Spike Lee’s famous claim that everything that happens in America is about race, UNDER COLOR OF LAW is a novel for any reader seeking to explore the gut-wrenching reality of law enforcement impurities.

“Aaron Philip Clark’s UNDER COLOR OF LAW is extraordinary. You’ll read on for the mystery at its core, but you’ll remember UNDER COLOR OF LAW long after the read for the things it will teach you about the challenges of being a good cop of color in the age of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.”

– Gar Anthony Haywood – Shamus and Anthony award-winning author of IN THINGS UNSEEN.

“The city may be veering to the point of no return, and if so, it’s because its failures are what got us here…Justice…will come only one way. It’s the time for daylight; the citizens of Los Angeles deserve the truth.”

– “Under Color of Law” 

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Los Angeles-native Aaron Philip Clark is a novelist and screenwriter best known for his acclaimed fourth book Under Color of Law. The 2021 Winner of the Book Pipeline Adaption Contest, Aaron Philip Clark is a prolific author of mystery, crime thriller, and noir, having written three previous titles: The Science of PaulA Healthy Fear of Man, and The Furious Way.

Clark pursued a career in higher education then joined the Los Angeles Police Academy as a recruit officer. However, his dream of becoming a detective was derailed after suffering a life-changing injury.  On his road to recovery, Clark returned to his passion for writing and continued his literary career, which he had set aside. During his recovery, he published his third novel, The Furious Way.

In 2020, amid the pandemic, Clark completed his fourth novel Under Color of Law and received a two-book deal with Thomas & Mercer, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. Clark is currently an instructor for the UCLA Extension Writing Program, where he teaches courses in novel writing and crime fiction.

Clark’s acclaimed book is the winner of the 2021 Book Pipeline Adaption.  For more information visit

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