Womenpreneur Spotlight: Mary Makishia Harvin

Mary Makishia Harvin was born January 31st, 1985 to Jean and Alonzo Morgan Sr. in Detroit, MI. She is blessed with 2 sisters & 1 brother. As a child, Mary was very outgoing, talkative & charismatic, which sometimes got her in trouble in school, but would later help her excel in the Bar industry. Mary graduated from world-renowned Cass Technical High School as well as studied at prestigious Cranbrook as part of the H.U.B. program. After high school, Mary attended a few colleges including Michigan State University, where she studied Chemistry & Mathematics as a dual major. Mrs. Harvin began her career in the restaurant industry in 2001. She has held many positions from bartender to fine dining server to casual dining server, host, alley coordinator, carry out specialist, service and bartender trainer, as well as manager in training.

Through it all, Mary had deeper wants & needs for her future. Mary’s prime focus as part of the hospitality industry has been to provide a grand, memorable experience to every guest. Quality, professional & expeditious service is what Mary strives to provide every time. In 2017, Mary became Mrs. Harvin by marrying her long-time friend, Jason Harvin. Jason & Mary have 3 beautiful children together, with a total of 7 wonderful children total. With a big family, there is plenty of love to share. Mary spends her time enjoying being a wife & mom, running the bartending scene of Detroit, as well as still serving in the restaurant industry to this day.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Mary Makishia Harvin.

Please tell us how UdrinkImake came about?

Udrinkimake was formed from me wanting more out of life, trying to find a better job. I was looking to get a website built so I could find a higher-paying corporate restaurant bartender position. I wanted to be able to go into the interview and hand them a business card with my contact info and let them know they could see many pictures of beverages that I had made, right on my website. I really wanted to walk in and tell a job, to Google me. During the website building process, the website developer asked what kind of business did I want the website to reflect. That question kind of threw me off, but I replied with Bartender for hire, and the rest is now history. I never applied for that job to change my life instead, I built a business that will change the lives of my family for generations to come.

What would you like our readers to know about you and your company?

We are one of the first mobile bartenders in the Metro Detroit area. Since starting Udrinkimake in 2016, there has been a major boom of bartenders across the country. When I started out in 2016, I couldn’t even Google what I was trying to do. It just wasn’t info available on the subject of mobile bartending yet. I built this model of how business would work, the packages we would offer & every aspect of this business from scratch. We wanted to bring bartending to life, create an experience from bartending, not just pour drinks. We are Where Signature Beverages, Social Media & Mobility collide! Udrinkimake offers a complimentary Social Media Experience to every client. A Social Media Experience is when we promote events prior to the date, we go live & tag guest at the actual event, and on the Monday following the event, we do a full recap tagging the guest of honor & friends in various pictures and videos on Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram.

We also strive to provide top-shelf service all the time, no exceptions! With all of these components together, we stay one of the leaders in the mobile bartending industry. From providing this quality service, with a highly skilled & professional team, we have become self-proclaimed Celebrity Bartenders. We have serviced events starring Kandi Buruss, Mike Epps, local celebrities, movie directors & more! When events call for special care with corporate clients, we are the go-to brand to service those special clients that need special care. We have serviced events in California, Florida, Tennessee & North Carolina thus far. Our goal clients are Oprah, Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, Cardi B. & Beyoncé. One day, we will get to provide service for these and other great stars.

What do you think are some of the best qualities you have that make you an outstanding entrepreneur?

One of the best qualities that makes me an outstanding entrepreneur would be my communication skills. Being able to articulately converse with clients, staff, and guests at the events allows for seamless events. Being a bartender for over 15 years has helped me learn to engage with strangers on personal levels, where even if we just met, you can feel we have known each other our entire lives. Proper communication to the staff and clients are key aspects of business, everyone has to know what is going on, with clear direction.

Being able to multi-task has also helped in business as well. Sometimes I may have to shop for multiple events at one time, answer the phone, check the shopping list, answer an email, still engage with people while I’m out shopping, (you never know when you will meet your next client), and more! Sometimes multiple events are happening in multiple locations, and you have to be able to envision everything each party will need from start to finish, effective & efficiently & you want to do this in the most productive way. When all of these aspects are together, you have a successful event in the making.

How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

I make a difference in this world by teaching my daughters to know they can be anything they want to be. They can have whatever it is that they want, as long as they are willing to do the necessary things to obtain them. The lessons I teach them I don’t only tell them, I show them. I am building up young women that will one day change the world. I have always felt that, even before I had children, that my life was meant to learn everything I could to pass on one day to my future children. I have strived to gain knowledge in various areas to be able to pass on what I have learned in life to my children. None of this was ever for me, but for the future. They will take this all and execute it to something bigger than I could ever imagine. I’m just sticking to the plan.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

I enjoy most crafting a memorable event through the beverages & social experiences. We provide a personalized menu at each event where we name the drinks after the guest of honor, as well as match the menu with any colors and themes of the event. Two parties will never be the same. Everything is crafted custom for each event. When you add that with all the fun pictures and the social media flood, the guest of honor leaves feeling truly honored with a recap forever available on our social media platforms and website.

What projects or announcements can you share with us at this time?

At this time, I will say make sure you are following us! We have classes coming up, hiring events, products on the way and so much more! Stay tuned!

How can our readers keep up to date with all you have going on?

To stay up-to-date with Udrinkimake, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat. Also make sure you turn those notifications on & subscribe to our site at Udrinkimake.com. Contact us by phone at 734–506–6594 and by email at info@udrinkimake.com

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