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Kendra Hall: Award Winning Advocate, Author and Survivor

Kendra Hall: Award Winning Advocate, Author and Survivor

Kendra Hall, passionately champions for young women and other at-risk populations who are entering into adulthood, through her writing, mentoring, and avid connectivity to resources that she shares to uplift and prosper others. She is a devoted advocate for young women, sharing her own life experiences like being a teenage mother of three children by the age of 18 years, overcoming homelessness, and domestic violence.

Ms. Hall celebrates, especially, the continued success of at least 30+ women whose lives she’s directly mentored, while still achieving her own professional milestones like graduating with a Bachelors in Arts in Law and Justice from Rider University as an adult learner. She also believes in making time for the things she enjoys like learning about the metaphysical and heightened spiritual awareness, connecting people, networking, reading, tennis, studying, and traveling.

Kendra is also the Secretary of the Board of Directors, and soon to be President of the New Jersey Chapter of Urban Not Average. She spreads her knowledge and experience widely throughout the community with a concentration on at-risk youth.

As a current resident of New Jersey, Kendra works to resolve hopelessness locally and throughout the country with the goal of obtaining her life-long mission of leveling up in life by inspiring others with her triumphant story.

Kendra has written her first self-help book entitled, “Dropping Jewelz: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life”, available on Amazon. She is also the Host of her Newest Instagram Live series, #SurvivorsJewelz, where she offers her platform to allow Survivors to share their stories. She believes that everyone’s survival has power and that it is through the sharing of those stories that we let that power serve its purpose.

She is spreading hope through the understanding that the power to succeed comes from within and not without, and by letting young women know that support is available. By teaching the philosophy of hope she inspires others to maximize their life, no matter the obstacle. Kendra hopes to help as many young women as she can succeed in life.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Kendra Hall.

How does the work that you do make an impact on you personally? 

The work I do drives me to be more observant of myself and others. It’s important for me to meet people where they are in their life. Being able to relate to others on a broad scale takes personal authenticity and daily introspection. Doing what I love is a joyous responsibility that takes a mix of discipline and passion. I am inspired while helping young women become their best selves.

What can we expect from your new book Droppin Jewelz? 

I have two new books released this year, “Droppin’ Jewelz: Keeping Your Vibes High”, and Droppin’ Jewelz: Workout with Kendra”! Droppin’ Jewelz: Keeping Your Vibes High, helps you develop your positive self-talk. Droppin’ Jewelz: Workout with Kendra, is a useful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. Both books are available on

How do you balance your career and mental health? 

Working out helps me tremendously in releasing stress.

What feedback have you received from those you have mentored? 

I have received heartfelt accolades from my mentees, and their good energy is powerful. I am blessed to be on such an impactful journey. I give God the glory and am grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve received thus far.

What is a quote that you live by?

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 “Each one teach one” is a proverb I live by. The idea is to spread knowledge to one another, for the overall betterment of your community.

What can we be on the lookout for from you?

Tune in to my show on Sunday’s at 7 PM, EST., “Survivor’s Jewelz”, on Instagram Live and YouTube. In addition, please support my work as a board member of Urban Not Average, youth empowerment Non-Profit. We provide employment, opportunities, and more; all while giving back to our communities.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

I want my legacy to be one of promoting and encouraging a closer relationship to God, Self, Family and Community. Love is always the message I want to express in all of the actions I take.

Learn more by connecting on Instagram @justusjewelz or by visiting 


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