Ja’von Delgado: A Wizard at Making It Rain for Business Owners

If you spent the last 17 years working with Fortune 500 companies, you will not only find yourself in spaces that will elevate you but that you will help see those companies evolve. But if you are a brilliant mind, you are the essential reason these companies evolve. This is exactly what business coach and strategist, Ja’von Delgado, was able to do – strategically elevate.

Founder and CEO of J. Delgado & Co.,Ja’von Delgado has dedicated her professional career to providing strategies that have driven profit and cost savings to many companies. So much so, she has been dubbed the “The Profit Rainmaker.” In a brief interview, we get to know a little about her early beginnings and the catalyst that created the professional career that allows her to live the life she wanted.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are in your life.

I grew up in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, NY the only child to a single mother. We lived in public housing in a 3-bedroom apartment with my extended family that totaled as many as 10 sometimes. My years were filled with schooling in the city and summers in our home state of North Carolina. My mom wanted the best for me, so she worked hard to send me to private schools through college. I knew very early on that I wasn’t going to become another statistic of my environment.

As such, I did all the things everyone said you should do to be successful in life like excelling in college, securing “good” jobs, working hard, and investing money in my 401K. The only problem was – none of this was making sense or dollars. I had 6 figures in student loan debt, and I was working a mind-numbing 60-70 hours per week. I was trapped in the rat race of trading time for money and not enough money to make it worth the effort, so I had to get smart, fast. After all, 2 years after finishing college, I had become a mom, and my daughter needed me more than the job did.

Motivated to find another way to do what I loved without exhaustion, I started using skills I’d learned on the job to drive revenue to help friends and peers launch businesses and grow their bottom lines. Simultaneously, I started offering my services to big brands like Starbucks and The Home Depot, helping them streamline local retail operations and grow sales by 40% in some of their top locations in NYC. I then set my sights on businesses with deeper social missions like Success Academy Charter Schools, a fast-growing charter network in NY state, digital literacy-based organizations like Classroom, Inc. and, educational publishers like Amplify Education, where I’d help usher in revenue years to the tune of up to 9 figures.

You are known as the “Profit Rainmaker” and called The Wizard for creating operational systems that bank millions. Who gave you the name and how does it make you feel to have those titles?

I was first called the Profit Rainmaker by the former COO of UncommonGoods after saving them almost $400K in one quarter. I got nicknamed the Wizard by the operations leadership at Amplify Education for developing the tools and systems to forecast their revenue and supply making them a major player amongst K-8 educational publishers. I cherish these nicknames because they mean I’m achieving my ultimate goal which is to have an impact. I want to use my God-given talents to make a difference. Better optimized businesses have led to more jobs, better wages for employees, and sustainable resourcing for these businesses and others that I’ve partnered with. Where there is opportunity, we all win. I also get to show people that amazing things can come from unexpected sources, like little black girls from public housing.

What inspired J. Delgado & Co this year?

During the pandemic, I’d seen countless small businesses close, crippling entire neighborhoods and it struck a chord. Behind each one of those closures was an owner who was struggling and employees with families that counted on them. I realized that the formulas I’d used to make miracles happen for big businesses could be beneficial to the small businesses who really make the world go round. I launched J. Delgado & Co. and got to work helping local businesses transition their brick-and-mortar operations into online revenue makers, keeping their businesses alive and teaching their employees new skills.

Where do you see your newly launched business in 3- years?

Over the next 3 years, I plan to develop J. Delgado & Co. into a full-fledged business strategy firm helping entrepreneurs develop their skills around launching online businesses, profit creation strategies, and scaling to have a bigger impact while being profitable. Statistically, 90% of all small business owners are barely breaking even and 70% more likely to suffer from mental health issues than non-business owners. It’s time to take the overwhelm and struggle out of startups. We need a lot less grind in that hustle.

How can people connect with you?

You can find me on IG @iamjavondelgado and online at www.javondelgado.com, where you can join my email list to get free weekly strategies on how to build a profitable business without feeling overwhelmed.

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