Brianna Abdallahi: Breaking Free From A Life of Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse can be difficult to detect because it is often subtle at first. But what happens when you are born into it? This is the part of life Brianna Abdallahi, founder of Women of Divinity, answered after breaking free.

Delaware native Brianna was raised by a Narcissist mother, and much of her life felt like she was a narcissist magnet. In a sit down with Brianna Abdallahi, she discusses being raised by a narcissist and how her narcissistic abusive parent affected her relationships and having a child. She also speaks about freeing herself to heal from the traumas of those relationships. Her story is inspiriting.

You indicated a narcissist raised you. How did this impact how you related to ppl growing up?

I was groomed not to think on my own. I was raised not to stand up for myself. My confidence was shook; my ability to having my own identity as I got older was stifled. I felt everyone I held close to my heart wanted to control me. Thinking and living this way, I grew up with no boundaries or standards and found I was easily peer pressured.

At what age did you realize your parent was a narcissist?

I was around 23/24 years old. Growing up, there was no identity for me; it was hidden behind everyone else’s image of me. I would get anxious when making decisions; I had second thoughts on every decision because I did not want to make the wrong decision. This was the mental state I was in until God stepped in and healed the fragmented little girl.

What life shift(s) did you make to come out of being in the presence of narcissism?

I completely went no contact with my Narcissist and limited my communication. I became intentional on my healing journey, sought therapy, did a lot of self-evaluation, rebuilt my foundation in my faith, and stayed consistent.

What do you hope readers take away from your story?

I hope readers will become free and have the courage to come out of the abusive relationship because I know that the longer we stay in an abusive relationship, the more difficult it will be to leave. The longer we stay, we start to forfeit our future.

What is next for you, and how can ppl connect?

I have a lot of different things happening besides the mentorship Program. I have a 5-day challenge to Overcome narcissistic abuse through faith. This challenge will inform them of the red flags, push them to overcome fear, and have a breakup ceremony to overcome the strongholds. They can stay updated through Instagram: @womenofdivinity and my website:



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