Meet Denay Dominic, Founder of My Divine Beauty Obsession

Denay Dominic is the founder of My Divine Beauty Obsession. Denay is a Certified Life Coach & Mindset Expert. For over 18 years she’s been a Mental Health Advocate. Also, Denay is a mommy of two beautifully melanated children who reside in Southern California. My Divine Beauty Obsession has been her home since June 2020, where she celebrates the health, wellness and beauty of women of color. Denay believes that we are divine beings and our beauty should resonate in our hearts and minds. Not just our faces. Denay is all about mixing makeup, self-care, and health to promote self-love. She also believes every woman deserves time to care for her own well-being. We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Denay Dominic.

Denay Dominic

Please tell us about My Divine Beauty Obsession?

My Divine Beauty Obsession started in February 2020 as an Instagram page showcasing the flat lay photography of my makeup and skincare collection. I had no idea that it would take off in a completely different direction, as it did in July of that year when I realized I was not feeling fulfilled in my life. I wanted something more and something that was totally against the grain. I needed an activity that I thought would help me release my extra energy and keep from living on auto-pilot. So, I decided to create a blog that focused on my current interest.

I made it very clear to myself that I would give blogging a try for one year and then re-assess my desires. My idea was that I would only write articles about makeup, skincare, and natural hair. But you know what they say, “When you make plans, God laughs”. I wrote my first few articles and was featured on some blog sights but there wasn’t much traction. That did not stop me. I kept writing and researching.

I did not have any readers, I was literally writing for myself. However, on January 16, 2021, that all changed. A woman by the name of Brittany Tiffany contacted me and offered a collaboration. I accepted and had an amazing time working with her and learning from her. I published the article that I wrote about the experience on February 2, 2021. After that, I was given several opportunities to write articles about many different black women in business. From there I was asked by major brands to host advertisements on my social media accounts and blog articles.

Now, My Divine Beauty Obsession is a Health, Wellness, & Beauty blog that celebrates black
women. In the last 5 months, I have seen my readers go from 25 a month to 1.9k active readers.
I am just so amazed by how things have worked out and I grateful to God for giving me what I
asked for.

What inspired you to become a mental health advocate?

For my first job out of college I worked in a state-run mental health hospital. My goal was to save some money and get some actual work experience and then apply for medical school to become a psychiatrist. The patients would talk about what it was like be looked at as if they were dangerous, or weak when diagnosed with a mental illness. Due to that experience, I decided to become a case manager and that lead to becoming a clinical counselor (I changed my mind about become a psychiatrist after I learned that I would have to work in every department of a hospital. I did not want to see any blood, anyone giving birth nor anyone’s\ death). In these roles, I was able to use my voice to speak for the voiceless. That lead me to become an advocate.

What are some tips entrepreneur women should consider for best self-care practices?

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Listen to your body and rest.
3. Do not tell people what you are doing with your business until it is done. Everyone is not
praying for your success.
4. Be mindful and present in every moment.
5. Put your phone down. Set a time everyday that you turn off your phone, rest your eyes
and breathe.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

I enjoy not having to get permission from anyone to take a vacation or use PTO. I can work for as long or for as little as I want to. My favorite part is that most business communication is done by email.

When you think of women empowerment, what comes to mind?

Honestly, I see women unapologetically doing what they want to do regardless of what their Mama say or what partner/spouse might say. Women living for the truth and their happiness is a beautiful thing.

What are you currently working on?

I am also a certified Mindset and Transformation Coach who specializes in survivors of Narcissist Abuse. I work with women and men who were able to get out of those types of relationships and I also work with people who may always have a Narcissist in their life because it’s a parent, child, supervisor, colleague, etc. So twice a month I offer a course that teaches my clients how to understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder from a clear and practical standpoint so that they’re not blindsided and victimized by them anymore.

How to identify narcissists early, so that you aren’t sucked into unhealthy relationships and how to communicate with narcissists in such a way that you can enter and exit conversations without
being triggered, tricked, or taken advantage of. In the course, you will also be able to manage your emotional state so well that you no longer fear interaction and narcissists no longer perceive you as a viable target. You’ll regain control of communication structures so that you’re never isolated and coerced again. I will also teach you how to move away from fearing your narcissist, so that you could stay in alignment with your highest truths (for example compassion, love, and freedom) and continue manifesting a phenomenal life, outside of their power.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

I want to be remembered for being Wise, Rich & Giving.

How can our readers keep up to date with you?

Social Media Pages

Instagram- @denaydominic, @mydivinebeautyobsession, @denaynicolecoaching



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