Laurinda Andujar, Founder of SheBlinked LLC and Heal the City Inc

Laurinda Andujar, Author/ Entrepreneur is a Florida native and the founder of SheBlinked LLC and Heal the City Inc. Laurinda is the middle child of four, and being that middle child, she states is what gave her a competitive edge and the desire to stand out. Laurinda states when you are in the middle you are neither first nor last, you’re just there. Being just there was not something that Laurinda wanted to get used to. Laurinda is the mother of 3 boys and one angel. Laurinda has a passion for music and poetry and has written well over 300 poems and songs.

Laurinda was heavily influenced by Maya Angelou and Bo Didley, which she met during her high school years. She even was presented the opportunity to record with Bo Didley but ultimately declined. Nonetheless, poetry and music provided the means of escape that Laurinda so desperately longed for. She has coined herself a survivor as she has battled with depression, low self-worth, and a myriad of other issues and attempted suicide on numerous occasions.

These challenges drove her desire to want to see others healthy and whole. Laurinda has been recognized by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the National Diversity Council, Barry University, and countless organizations for her contributions to personal and professional development. She has also been featured in NY Times Square, NBC, FOX, and various media, print, and radio outlets.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Laurinda.


Laurinda Andujar

Hi, it’s great to interview you today. Please tell us all about SheBlinked LLC and Heal the City Inc. which you are the founder of. We would love to hear all about it.

Thank you for this opportunity. SheBlinked LLC and Heal the City Inc are personal and professional development companies. Let’s first begin with Heal the City Inc. Heal the City Inc, focuses on the personal issues that keep an individual stuck in the muck. We deal with trauma and grief. The reason this is important is that people cannot excel professionally if they have not properly dealt with and identified the things that have them stuck or bound on a personal level.

After we have properly identified and educated the person on how to address the personal pressure points then they can begin their journey to professional development. As a talent development individual, I have spent well over half of my life understanding the importance of professional development.

I started my first job at 17, and in 27 years of being on board with the same organization, I had the pleasure of learning the coveted unwritten rules of business. I’ve learned the things that leadership rarely discusses but are critically important to the success of the front-line manager and their staff’s professional development.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

I love seeing the lights come on behind an individual’s eyes when they are finally able to connect the dots to a problem or issue, they were attempting to resolve. I also adore the fact that I can pass on knowledge that could potentially level the playing field for women and persons of color in corporate America. I enjoy creating and empowering future leaders.

We understand that you are influenced by Maya Angelou and Bo Didley, how come? What was the experience like meeting them?

The experience of meeting those two legends was nothing short of amazing. The fact that Maya showed me that I wasn’t alone in this thing called life, was the vehicle that I needed to start me down my path to healing. Her rendition of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings literally freed me. Meeting Bo Didley was equally impacting. He was the first person to see me as a talented individual. How many people can say they had the opportunity to sing for and with a legend who walked with nothing but legends. He also was the first person that taught me to look past the outer man to see a person’s identity and heart. He indeed was a servant leader. He opened the doors to his home to me the very first time we met. That spoke volumes.

What are you currently working on?

I am wrapping up the re-release of my autobiography, She Blinked the book of me. It is my story and the poems that sprang forth because of the challenges that I faced as well as the triumph I experienced because of those challenges. I have learned from past readers that the book is transformational. I’m super excited about this re-release and the additions to the book. I am also releasing my second book, Confessions of a Serial Dater: To All the Boys I Never Loved. This book speaks to all of the ships in our lives, relationships, friendships kinship, and the like. It speaks to how the relationships that we build in early childhood positively or negatively impact other types of relationships in the future.

I also have a series of Facebook Live events going on. In August I started a series called “Life is Tough, And So are YOU!” Each night a speaker comes on the platform and discusses some of the most critical experiences that they have overcome, and it truly has been a blessing to many, the feedback is overwhelming. I am super duper excited about finally launching my Candid Conversations with Friends Series and Podcast. You will not want to miss these conversations with my phenomenal gal pals, Dr. Cassandra Parks Evans aka Dr. San, Shay Bennett aka Dear Shay, and our ball of energy Bunnie Mae of the Bunnie Hole. We will have candid conversations on life, love, and leadership. The first episode was fire!

What does women empowerment mean for you?

Empowerment for me is providing resources and providing opportunities that are not readily available to someone. Empowerment is about closing the knowledge gap and creating a space for others to learn, build and grow in their niche. Empowerment is educating, motivating, and inspiring people to want and be more. Empowerment is being an agent of change and sometimes a doula. It is about creating future leaders who in turn create future leaders.

How has the pandemic shaped your life personally and professionally?

The pandemic has stretched me to the very core of my fabric. It has taught me to be resourceful. It has taught me to be strategic in my business and dealing with others. It has taught me to look for ways to run my business lean with the most productive output possible. The pandemic has also enlarged my professional network. I am beyond grateful for being able to use my skillsets to advance the cause of personal and professional development.

What is a quote that you live by?

There are two, the first is “People don’t know, what they don’t know, until they don’t know it.” This quote speaks to development at its core. We expect that when someone opens a business that they understand the intricate working of providing stellar customer service, but they won’t until someone steps up and mentors them.

This quote reminds me to be patient and mindful of others in their growth journey. The second is one that I wrote. The quote is as follows. “He who controls your emotions controls your mind. He who controls your mind controls your spirit. He who controls your spirit controls your destiny.“ -Laurinda Andujar It reminds us to be honest with ourselves. That we must always be open to what is happening around us, but most importantly within us.

Please tell us a super fun fact about yourself that most people may not know about you?

I am an adrenaline junky, and I will try anything once, providing I outlive the experience! I also am a hopeful romantic and the two honestly don’t always mix.

What else can we be on the lookout for from you?

My brain is always working up a concoction of some sorts. More activity on clubhouse. There will be more live events down the pike. I have more books to write and when the right resources are available possibly a talk show. I am game for anything at this point. I have multiple dreams to create multiple streams.

How can our readers keep up to date with all you have going on?

They can email me at I will have a mailing list of events soon. They can also reach out to me via my website at or my social media partners Swagher Magazine online.

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