Cousins Who Decided to Launch Their Children’s Book Dreams Together: Vettania Clark and Ayanna S. Clark

Vettania Clark and Ayanna S. Clark are cousins who decided to launch their children’s book dreams this summer. Vettania serves as the author and Ayanna is the illustrator. Ayanna is a breast cancer survivor who decided to pursue her art passions with no regrets this year. Together, they are empowering children and families to embrace new stories.

This July they released their book, Izzy Goes To The Library. This title tells a story of a young girl visiting the library for the first time. Her curiosity sparks a cute adventure that kids of all ages can enjoy. They also have a sophomore book title called Bumblebee Me that will release in September. We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Vettania Clark and Ayanna S. Clark.

Vettania Clark

Ayanna S. Clark

Please tell us about your book?

Izzy loves to read and she is super excited to explore a new place called the library. But before she visits the library she has to learn some rules. While at the library, Izzy goes on an adventure to explore new books, colors, stories, her “credit card” and more. What a day! Join in on the fun with Izzy at the library.

How has it been working together so far?

We are cousins and have always had a great relationship. It is well known that a lot of people don’t believe in mixing family and business. We believe that is what makes this work really well for us. We know each other very well and don’t try to change one another. We respect each other’s creativity and expertise. For matters regarding art Ayanna takes the lead and for writing Vettania takes the lead. When we have different opinions, we actively listen to one another with love and a willingness to compromise.


What feedback have you got for the book Izzy Goes To The Library?

Here is what people are saying about Izzy Goes To The Library:

The Illustrations are very colorful and vibrant.

Children made aware of all the rules and expectations of the library..

Masks were incorporated into the story, which makes this book very relevant.

It teaches kids that the library is full of wonder and the responsibilities of taking care of books.

Izzy is such a lovable character.

The artist and the illustrator’s work compliment each other very well.

It’s a must-read, highly recommend.

Looking forward to more books about Izzy

Every home and school should have this book.

The author did an excellent job.

What can readers expect from the sophomore book title called Bumblebee Me?

Raelyn is the main character of Bumblebee Me, she understands the power of self-confidence and self-love. She is determined to show her unique style through her hair, fashion and personality. In the story, she likes to wear her bumblebee costume because her grandmother says she is as cute as a bee. Her parents support their daughter and encourage her to embrace her differences and love the person she is and will become.

In what ways do you intend to make a difference in the world?

Our goal is to make children fall in love with reading. That’s why most of our books will start with the character reading and end with the character reading. With the Izzy Series, we want children to learn that there are many places in their community to explore. So we include in each story the rules for each place and the many things they can experience.

In other stories like Bumblebee Me, we will teach self-confidence, self-admiration, and self-love because we want every child to know they are dynamic and incredible no matter what.

What are you looking forward to?

We look forward to having our books in bookstores and libraries. We also look forward to selling our millionth book, but we know that will take some time.

How can our readers keep up to date with you?

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