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Sherry Bougard, Founder/CEO of Bee TrU Awareness Outreach, Inc

Sherry Bougard, Founder/CEO of Bee TrU Awareness Outreach, Inc

As the Founder/CEO of Bee TrU Awareness Outreach, Inc, Ms. Sherry Bougard armed with a master’s degree work diligently in her nonprofit and is committed to her profession as a Licensed Advance Practice Social Worker and Certified Life Coach. She has over 20 years of experience serving as an advocate to the vulnerable population and those facing a crisis.

Sherry Bougard main area of practice is conducting educational, life skills workshops that allow one to change his or her thought process to move towards a healthier lifestyle. She also serves as a Mandatory pre-screening agent of Tennessee., a crisis counselor to those who are attempting to harm themselves or others. Her additional areas of expertise include alcohol and drugs, hospice, child welfare, and serving person living with HIV/AIDS.

Aside from being a change agent, Sherry Bougard is a survivor of domestic violence/intimate partner violence, she has combined both her professional skills and personal experience that allow her to speak publicly about her story of tragedy to triumph while implementing the curriculum she created “Unlearn Learn Behavior.” This effective method has encouraged and assisted others to do the same.

Sherry felt the need to establish the outreach nonprofit Bee TrU that has educated communities since 2013, after losing a friend. She works effortlessly to help ensure the organization lives by its mission statement, empower, educate, and elevate. Sherry’s MOTTO is “you must Be TrU to yourself before you can be TrU to others.” Through motivational speaking, Sherry likes to encourage others to pursue their established goal(s).

Determined to ensure that others are elevated she has directed a stage play for 3 consecutive years and since 2017 purchases home for victims of domestic violence to utilize following a crisis. She is also a frequent face on various social media outlets and a constant voice in underserved communities when dealing with issues concerning domestic violence/intimate partner violence a “crisis”.

Sherry Bougard was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts from Lane College and Minor in Religion located in Jackson Tennessee and her Master’s in Social Worker and Certification for School Social Worker from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She later became a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach School of Arkansas. She is a mother to 2 children and as of 2019 became a “MomMum” (grandmother). Sherry is a smart worker who loves to spend time with family and friends, and travel as she believes that self-care is important.

Hi, Sherry please tell us about the work you do as Founder/CEO of Bee TrU Awareness Outreach, Inc?

Sherry: My role is to ensure that funds are secured that would allow the organization to serve those in need. I also build relationships with community leaders to ensure that Bee TrU Awareness Outreach, Inc is known beyond Memphis TN, and the Tri-state areas. My works for the nonprofit is daily that is not limited to managing meetings, overlooking strategic planning, purchasing homes for the nonprofit, and I am also a life coach to some of those that the organization renders services to.

In what ways do you believe you make a difference in the world?

Sherry: I make a difference by doing something very simple. I’m a passionate listener who is nonjudgmental to those I speak with. Although known as a cliche “I do as I say”. The homes that Bee TrU has secured were purchased by me because of my desire to help those facing domestic violence/intimate partner violence “a crisis” and society not supporting this matter. I stay up long nights creating a plan that will help individuals succeed. My work has been validated by many that I have to serve yearly through public speaking and other facets. Just recently Agape of Memphis, TN invited me out to speak again noting that the audience from 2019 requested that I return.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Sherry: Seeing a client do what he or she said that he or she could not do.

What are some obstacles you have overcome in pursuing your career?

Sherry: Not having valid resources to secure grants and not having reliable support.
We commend all the work that you do especially your advocacy for domestic violence survivors.

How has your career made an impact on your life personally?

Sherry: My works have made me a believer. My self-esteem is stronger and I have achieved the virtue of patience.

What are some of your goals for the remainder of 2021?

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Sherry: Continue to put self-first, attend bible study more, secure a higher license in my career as a social worker, secure at least 10 more clients who need a life coach, take 2 more vacations, continue to eat healthily, and workout at least 4 times a week.

What is a quote that you live by?

Sherry: I cannot Bee TrU to others until I am TrU to myself, (2 messages in 1).

What words of encouragement would you leave our readers during these unprecedented times?

Sherry: I have learned that obstacles are necessary for growth. We have all be given a test since birth. Once a person passes the test then one’s passion and purpose will be revealed allowing less room for stress. Obstacles will never go away, therefore its one’s job to learn how to manage an obstacle and in the midst to never allow anyone to remove your crown.

How can we keep up to date with all you have going on?

Sherry: Visit Bee TrU on Facebook, email the organization at (share your email address), follow this nonprofit on IG at beetrustopdv, or call 901–319–784. At you can book an empowerment session, donate cash or home to the nonprofit, view the monthly calendar, or email questions.

You can also join us every Sunday 7:30 pm central time for Bee TrU book reading night… (sign up to read) Purchase our products…
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