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Parenting Coach Misha Taylor Advocates to Help Mothers Not Have To Suffer In Silence

Parenting Coach Misha Taylor Advocates to Help Mothers Not Have To Suffer In Silence

A very excited Mom-to-be, that excitement quickly spiraled into a resentful, dark, and lonely 3 year season of life! Misha Taylor is a 3-in-1 Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Potty Training Consultant, and Positive Parenting Coach who created Slumber Potty to help Moms “end the dread” of the first 5–7 years of Motherhood. Misha advocates to help future generations of Mothers so they don’t have to suffer in silence, “guess” or “figure it out” by creating a roadmap for Moms to easily navigate sleep deprivation/ending co-sleeping, potty training, and behavioral-communication challenges with your child (tantrums, not listening, etc.) through Slumber Potty membership. Throughout her journey working with Mothers, Misha noticed many Moms give their kids so much, until one day they wake up and don’t even know who they are anymore. This is why Misha developed the “graduate” membership, created for Moms with older children to help these Moms with Identity & Purpose Coaching after years and years of throwing themselves into Motherhood. Misha Taylor envisions Motherhood to be one of luxury, liberation, and confidence by knowing exactly what to do when these milestones approach, instead of suffering in silence without healthy solutions.

Through the Slumber Potty experience, Mothers will utilize the “Calm Mom” approach that self-heals and breaks generational discipline cycles that have been known to cause parent-child dysfunction, maternal stress, and mental health challenges. As a brain-ambidextrous entrepreneur, Misha also cultivates her creative side with the ownership of Luxury Picnics of Oki. Luxury Picnics of Oki is a luxury picnic event company in Japan as a means for small groups and couples to cultivate their relationship experiences in a unique way- despite the pandemic.

Misha Taylor (Photo Credit: @whitneythomas (IG) Whitney Thomas)

Describe the moment you knew it was your purpose to help future generations of Mothers not have to suffer in silence?

Misha Taylor: I suffered from what is called “Matrescence” and that is basically when you have an IMAGINATION of what Motherhood is like and then the REALITY of Motherhood doesn’t align. I had a conceptual “idea” that Motherhood would be life-changing and at many times, trying and difficult, but I had no clue that it would require THIS level of self-sacrifice. For centuries, Mothers have endured and endured and endured and I think it’s time to quit that “suffering” narrative and normalize and inject small luxuries in your life so your journey doesn’t HAVE to be hard. There’s no badge of honor, cookie or medal for having a hard Motherhood. I think it is beneficial for Mothers to experience Motherhood in a less stressful way so they can show up better for their children.

How do you feel your practices and resources make a difference in the world?

Misha Taylor: I personally haven’t reached the “tweens” and “teens” phase of Motherhood yet but what I CAN say is that every time I THINK a challenge is over in a season of Motherhood, another challenge is waiting to greet me- and it feels like this constant “hamster wheel.” The first 5 years of Motherhood have been the most difficult times of my life. After the postpartum and sleep deprivation phase was over, I thought I could breathe again, but then NOPE, here comes “the terrible 2s” THEN potty training, THEN how are you going to discipline your child, and so on. So being a “3-in-1” Coach, I can help Mothers better navigate that through effective foundational practices so it’s not 5 years spent suffering and feeling insecure about what you’re doing. It’ll be 5 years of Motherhood spent connecting, clear and confident in what you’re doing, to navigate these big hardships so you can spend more time enjoying Motherhood.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Misha Taylor: I love when Moms come and tell me or comment how much my advice has helped them feel “alive” again, feel “functional” again, feel like they CAN break generational disciplinary dysfunction- I love the “life saving” (as they call it) change for them. That’s the most rewarding part of all of this.

How do you balance being a mom with your career?

Misha Taylor: Shout out to my Husband! He’s a very active, hands-on Father and the core to my “village.” He understands some nights, I have to shut myself in the office and skip dinner, bathtime, and bedtime, he understands on Saturdays I may not be able to “family” (but I will on Sunday). Through Motherhood I learned it ABSOLUTELY takes a village whether that’s your spouse, grandma, sister, auntie- WHOEVER! Moms NEED a village to thrive! My balance comes from my village! I also only focus on things “that matter”. I don’t focus on vanity metrics and looking “a certain way” on social media, I focus on impact and outreach opportunities. I’m also not afraid to outsource and ask for help. A household cleaner costs the same amount as a mani/pedi and in this season I’ll take a “done for me” clean house over a mani/pedi if need be.

Please tell us about the Luxury Picnics of Oki. We would love to hear about it?

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Misha Taylor: Some people are ambidextrous, I’m ambi-brained! Meaning I crave to utilize both sides of my brain- the analytical, advising, strategic and sequencing side as well as the creative, artsy side. The pandemic has been hard on us with restrictions and being able to go here and there, so I thought, why not bring a creative experience TO unique people and “out of the box” for them to enjoy for a few hours. Luxury Picnics of Oki was “birthed” from a place of deficit because I am a wanderlust, traveler, and experiential based person so when that’s taken away from you- you crave to do something that channels or resembles those experiences.

What advice would you have for aspiring mompreneurs?

Misha Taylor:  Look at your business just like a baby! It’s not going to wake up and walk, even with all the right knowledge, coaching, etc. so celebrate the small wins and all of your progress! I’m grateful for it all! Every new Facebook group member, every paid member, every time I get to speak on Clubhouse and gain a new follower, every email address collected, celebrate it all because it’s a journey and it’s YOUR journey (don’t compare yourself to others)! And have fun! Don’t be afraid to try “out of the box” things with your marketing, there are no losses just lessons. Don’t neglect yourself or your family too much in the meantime- you and your loved ones still matter.


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