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Women In Business Spotlight: Lyric

Women In Business Spotlight: Lyric

Lyricbelleza was born and raised in Atlanta Ga, she’s a full-time mom that came from a large family of 8 siblings. Starting off as a dancer at Magic City for 7yrs but walked away to manage upcoming artists getting them radio interviews also radio play music videos and encouraging other former entertainers and women, in general, to embrace their talents to become entrepreneurs.

Due to the world-changing, and having a new baby she now focuses on her own career. Working on a new book called “Stripping Away The Layers” which is written by Monique Hall Publishing By Zane. After doing a podcast with the Teri Woods has opened a door to potentially do another movie that has not yet been released.

Also Lyric has landed a role in movies like Finding Destiny starring Blue Kimble and Towanda Braxton her WEtv sister.   While being the star of a new hit on We tv show Called “beyond the pole. Lyric is the quintessential (albeit, young) “house mom” of Atlanta, in and out of the strip club.  The 29-year-old mother runs her two kids, her salon, her man, and all of the women in her circle… After 8 years of dancing, Lyric left the strip club 3 years ago and has been a Jaqueline of All Trades ever since.

Thereafter, she’s learned to invest in stocks, small businesses, and her hair salon. As a former dancer for many years, she created a side hustle, where she books strippers for private parties and events for the rich & famous! She understands what it takes to speak directly to these women rather than at them, and caters to the women as if she were a “house mom”.  Lyric is a boss, who makes sure that the clientele she works with are high rollers with coins! Lyric has been able to make lucrative deals for strippers at private parties all over the world. By hosting private parties for artists, athletes, and high-level executives, she gives the ladies a chance to make an impression on the men. But now those days came to a screeching halt with Covid 19.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Lyric.

Please tell us who Lyric is, other than what your bio says?

Lyric: Lyric is a survivor, a leader, and a prayer warrior. Not afraid to take chances and believes that failure is just a restart button to restart and be better. imperfect but full of love

How do you use your talents, and platform to empower others?

Lyric: I use My talents and platform to empower others through my testimonies. My ability to be bold enough to tell the ugly truth about not giving up, change the narrative by breaking generational curses, and not repeating history.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Lyric:  I enjoy most about my work is the power to become another person through character. Being able to tap into another’s emotions and to fully relate or understand

How do you balance family and career?

Lyric:  Balancing family and career is not always easy but it’s all apart of the journey. I keep things steady by simply separating the two as much as possible. When I’m home I’m mommy and when I’m working I’m Lyric.

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When you think of women’s empowerment, what comes to mind?

Lyric: Authority and Love are what comes to mind when I think of women empowerment. The ability to speak and people listen is empowering itself but to speak while uplifting is love. Also, to love a stranger and speak life over them is Godly and a pleasant feeling.

What are you currently working on?

Lyric:  I’m currently working on filming and publishing my book also creatively bringing a pajama line together.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Lyric: I want my legacy to look like love and leadership!

Keep up-to-date with Lyric by connecting on Instagram @lyricbellezabtp

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