Women Who Inspire: Nicole Tiovanni, President of 1925 Consulting

Nicole Tiovanni is the President of a Manhattan-based consulting firm, 1925 Consulting. 1925 specializes in Corporate Strategy and Business Development in the areas of Technology, Cannabis, Wellness, and Entertainment. Nicole is best known for her ability to create strategic relationships that facilitate growth, exposure, and extreme value. She’s considered a Master at connecting the dots!

Nicole’s Corporate journey started in 2008 in the Staffing industry where she gained experience orchestrating mass staffing strategies for companies such as BET, Viacom, and Comcast. In 2014, Nicole shifted gears a bit and took her talents to South Florida, where she shared her expertise with the renowned e-commerce start-up Chewy.com. It was with Chewy that Nicole found a true love for the intricacies of the start-up space. In 2014, she launched her first consulting business and applied her expertise to small business owners and their budding businesses. Her ability to sell and build teams led her to a stint in network marketing that amassed a tremendous amount of supporters and over 6 figures in earnings.

She realized that network marketing wasn’t quite for her and refocused on business coaching, corporate strategy, and business development for small and medium-sized businesses. Nicole gained the opportunity to consult for several technology start-ups that needed funding and ultimately fell in love with another aspect of the start-up space… fundraising.

With a true understanding of what businesses needed to succeed, Nicole decided to launch her own firm focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand and navigate the roadmap to success. She has since coached over 100 entrepreneurs, helped launch over 50 small businesses, and helped raise millions of dollars in startup capital. Nicole also released her first book “The Boss’ Guide to Elevation: Strategies for Success.”

“I’m just a college drop-out that was determined to make a name for myself in rooms full of Ivy Leaguers. Real-life experiences have taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined, and I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience with those determined to make their dreams a profitable reality.”

Nicole continues to build 1925’s catalog with a slew of partnerships in the Tech and Cannabis space. From inception to funding to launch, Nicole’s expertise has made 1925 a “one-stop start-up shop”!

Nicole and her team are currently focused on several revolutionary mobile applications and software including:

TableVisit http://www.TableVisit.com
WeSmoke http://www.WeSmokeApp.com
Vuwala http://www.Vuwala.com
CreditFixrr http://www.Creditfixrr.com

and the world’s first CBD-infused Wine Cooler Genesis Infused http://www.GenesisInfused.com.

“My goal is to continue to kick doors down in multiple industries and be an inspiration for women all over the world.”– Nicole Tiovanni Hardy

Nicole Tiovanni (Photo Credit Eusé Perez @entrepreneurialhippy)

Who is Nicole?

Nicole Tiovanni: I’m a resilient, free-spirited Boss Mom with a passion for excellence!

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far as a business owner?

Nicole Tiovanni:  I’d say the day I got my office in Manhattan (as a child I always dreamed of having an office in the sky lol) and my first successful investor dinner that I hosted in the technology space. I was nervous and there were about 30 major corporate players in the room. My presentation helped pledge close to $5M for my client!

Running a business can be very time-consuming, how do you balance your mental health?

Nicole Tiovanni:  For the last few years I was running myself ragged. This year I made DELEGATION my favorite word and built a team I could rely on. Now I make it my business to put myself first. I get weekly massages and make self-care a total priority!

What are you currently working on?

Right now my company is focusing on a few major projects including www.TableVisit.com,
www.Vuwala.com and www.WeSmoke.com.

Who are some people who inspire you and why?

Nicole Tiovanni:  I have a few inspirations, but my mom is definitely one of my top inspirations! She’s overcome all adversity and is now a successful Historian/Genealogist. I also have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Mr. Clarence Avant (The Black Godfather)- and I’ve been told that I’m following in his footsteps and will go down in history as The Black Godmother!

What obstacles did you overcome that made you the woman that you are today?

Nicole Tiovanni: ALL OF THEM! I’ve overcome A LOT, but something I’m proud of every day is how I’m beating Stage 4 Endometriosis’ ASS! Shoutout to all of my Endo Warriors!

What else can we be on the lookout for?

Nicole Tiovanni: My newest E-Book “Cut The Check- The Guide To Charging What You’re Worth” drops July 25th, 2021!

Keep up-to-date with Nicole Tiovanni by connecting on Instagram 

@NicoleTiovanni @1925ConsultingLLC

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