Women In Business Spotlight: Kim Cross, Owner of Zhi Bath and Body

Zhi Bath and Body is a small business based in Charlotte, NC, owned by veteran Kim Cross. Kim has lived with dermatitis and severe psoriasis for over twenty years. As she was looking to relieve her skin ailments with custom skincare blends that included goat’s milk, Kim began to create products that helped others with similar problems. Having spent years working in salons as a stylist, Kim was already familiar with creating solutions. Thirteen years later, Zhi is a dream that is continually becoming a reality for the owner and chief crafter. The company’s vision is simple: Help others by making skincare painless. Being an example of a disability like Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis doesn’t disqualify one from success and leave a legacy.

The company now offers goat’s milk soaps, skincare systems, soy candles, and home fragrances. Kim also provides white-labeled services on demand for those interested in creating product lines. Zhi exists to be of service to any and all by providing skincare products and soy candles that promote healthy skin, healthy lives, and a healthier environment. Their purpose is simple; to make skincare products and candles made of natural ingredients for all to enjoy–even the most sensitive skin.

Kim firmly believes that hard work, a giving heart, and passion can touch the masses. Her motto is, “Keep pushing; the easiest job is the one you love most. Mine is handcrafting fantastic, high-quality goat’s milk skincare products and soy candles.”

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Kim Cross.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

Kim Cross: Fantastic question! Mostly, I love the ability to be flexible in life and in business. Like today, I
came off a long day of teaching out of town and was able to take the next day for me. I pour into Zhi products with an empty cup. In business, I have the freedom to expand and change things as the need arises. My company is flexible enough to offer additional services outside of what I do at Zhi, under a totally different business name, and still have it correlate to the skincare side of being an entrepreneur. I’m able to adapt to cover skincare and wellness — one entrepreneur, many businesses.

How did you come up with the name Zhi Bath and Body?

Kim Cross: Anyone that knows me or any amount of time knows I LOVE all things unique. If it’s different
and may look out of place in traditional settings, I tend to like it. It’s the same with my brand and my name. I wanted a name that is a reflection of me AND what I make. It took a while and some searching for something that made sense of the healing nature of my products, the good intent with which I make them, and the wisdom I try to impart to all who encounter Zhi and me.

What sets your business apart from other skincare brands?

Kim Cross: I’m different because it’s personal for me on sooo many levels. I personally benefit because my
formulas are designed around my own skin condition. Having had psoriasis for so long, I’ve had many years to get the formula right for folks like me and everyone in between. As a data guru that loves research and learning, I believe I’ve uniquely positioned myself to handcraft custom skincare products for clients who reach out for products specifically for their needs. I can literally add a personal touch to the products people need from me because it’s the same service I know I love to get.

What are some of your highly recommended products and services our readers should inquiry
about right away?

Kim Cross: Get your soy candles, RIGHT NOW. I just have to say that I make a mean soy candle! Because
my son had tender lungs until he was around five years old, I only use 100% soy wax for my candles, they smell amazing and have a unique look.
● For Summer, the most popular is Watermelon and Sangria. Coming up for Fall, Apple Harvest and Cinnamon+Vanilla. Year-round scents are Peppered Orange, Citrus Amber Musk, and Mimosa+Mandarin These are the top sellers, no matter the season!
● Our goat milk soap and lotion in Clean Cotton, Eucalyptus Mint, Fresh Milk + Honey, or Citrus Amber Musk are always best sellers.
● Don’t like lotions or heavy butters in Summer, our Whipped Shea Butter. It’s light, creamy, and highly moisturizing.
● If customized skincare is more your speed, reach out to me!

What Summer skincare tips do you have for us?

Kim Cross: Moisturize and PLEASE use sunscreen. I know we tend to think warmer weather means moisturizing is unnecessary, but it really is important. There are essential vitamins and minerals, oils, and butters in the moisturizers we use that protect our skin from harmful UV rays. The summer heat dehydrates the skin and causes the body to ramp up oil production. It’s deceiving because while our skin may feel oily, it’s getting more and more dehydrated. So, keep water on you, and please lotion up during the summer people!

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Kim Cross: I know people often want their legacy to be millions or to be a household name. Those are
fantastic legacies. For me, I’m working for my legacy to be securing a better future for my boys that they can then extend to their kids through the work of creating a company that extends lives because it’s free of harmful chemicals, it educates the community of living well and using good-for-you skincare, and is easy on the planet. My legacy is one of working with others and for others to bring future business leaders into a space where they are encouraged, inspired, and supported in their efforts to build dreams and change lives.

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