The Nkama Sisters Continue to Thrive with New Chidi Fashions Summer Collection

It is finally time to pack away your COVID-19 loungewear and put together your best outfits for the summer. Chidi Fashions, a growing worldwide fashion brand, has the perfect items to add to your closet! The Nkama Sisters (Goodnews, Blessing, & Rozay) have come up with a small, vibrant set of items for their “Thrive Collection” just in time for you to add for your summer vacation post-pandemic looks.

“This collection is artsy & colorful. It is Simple but Chic, Comfortable but Sexy. With each outfit, you won’t try hard to look good & stand confident. After all that we went through in this pandemic, we are coming out Bold & Beautiful.” The Nkama Sisters, Co-Owners of Chidi Fashions.

Chidi Fashions has grown over the last three and a half years into a worldwide online boutique by offering customers an Afro-modern style. The unisex fashion company has inspired customers to pursue their dreams across the country and over in the Eastern Hemisphere. This led to their pieces being used in the Denison University African Student Association “Sankofa Africa Night” Fashion Show this past April and featured in the latest issue of Innervision Magazine.

Chidi Fashions’ foundation is based on faith and pride in African heritage, as they bring a dynamic richness to fashion affordably and excitingly. Their goal is to continue offering both men and women the ability to purchase high-end fashion and accessories without breaking the bank.

The fashion brand has left powerful impressions on their customers with the artistic detail of their designs. This new collection of items is no different and will be available for purchase soon. Chidi Fashions will have you feel and look just as great as you did all last year at home. Now when you finally step out of the house for this summer.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with The Nkama Sisters.

How did Chidi Fashions come about?

Chidi Fashions was born from a place of hunger and desire for more. As immigrants in the United States, we experienced significant limitations in our pursuit of the American Dream, so we decided to create our own path. We wanted to become strong, independent entrepreneurs whose money went to work for us. So we came together to brainstorm a common ground we were all passionate about, and the answer was fashion. It was something that came naturally to us over the years and something we all really enjoyed doing. It was the obvious choice.

What is it like being family & business partners?

Being family and business partners has its pros and cons, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for us. Some of our cons include heightened comfortability that often results in laziness or procrastination. Pros include the flexibility to schedule meetings whenever and wherever as we live together, knowing each other well enough to play to our strengths, and being vulnerable and encouraging each other when things get hard, all of which make the victories that much sweeter. Being sisters & business partners has been a blessing.

Please tell us about the new collection?

The new collection is very artsy and colorful. It is simple but chic, comfortable but sexy. With each outfit, you won’t try hard to look good and stand confident for both men and women. After all, we went through in this pandemic, we are coming out bold and beautiful, and this merch reflects that.

How do you use your Brand to make an impact on the world?

We use the Chidi Fashions brand to empower others and spread hope. When people wear CHIDI, we want them to feel inspired to pursue their dreams, empowered to see untapped opportunities rather than limitations and be strengthened by our story to rewrite theirs. We want to be a beacon of light that guides others while unapologetically proclaiming our rich, cultural roots.

Any Summer fashion tips for our readers?

As we come out of a pandemic, some of the fashion trends to expect are patterns & bright colors as people come out bold. Regardless of the outfit, you can restyle it to suit your personality & comfort. Dress comfortably and be you. Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you. Let the clothes tell whatever story you choose. The beauty of fashion is best expressed by how the wearer wears it, not the clothes themselves.

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About Chidi Fashions

Chidi Fashions is a fashion company owned by three Nigerian sisters. According to the Nigerian Igbo tribe, CHI-DI means God is present. Our foundation is our deep roots in faith and pride in the African heritage. As immigrants in the United States, we experienced significant limitations in our pursuit of the American Dream, so we created our own path. We are a physical testament that if you want something bad enough, believe in it, persevere through setbacks, and never give up, it will happen. Our dual-cultural experience as Nigerian-Americans allows us to bring a dynamic richness to fashion in an affordable and exciting way. Chidi Fashions delivers an Affordable Afro-modern style. When you wear CHIDI, we want you to feel inspired to pursue your dream, empowered to see untapped opportunities rather than limitations, and strengthened by our story to rewrite yours. We are women whose roots run too deep to give up. If we are doing it with less, you can too. Join our CHI~FAM, a family of strong, united, fearless, and relentless individuals. For more information about Chidi Fashions, visit online at

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