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Rising Media Star Veonna King

Rising Media Star Veonna King

Meet Veonna King

My name is Veonna King and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. Even though I am still in college I have still had opportunities to further my career. I have publications in several different news outlets ranging from PublicSource, Cal Times, and Black Talk Radio. As I am entering my senior year of college I plan to get a job in multimedia journalism. My overall goal is to become a red carpet correspondent while being an editor for a successful magazine.

For now I am interning at my local radio station called WAMO. I am currently working on a project called WAMO artists spotlight, where local artists are given a platform to perform their talents. This includes a performance, lyric breakdown and interviews that can be found on youtube. As I embark on my journalistic journey I hope to learn many things and make great connections.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Veonna.

What inspired you to enter the media industry?

Veonna King: I have always loved media especially TV since I was a child.  It was not until my teenage years that I realized I had such a passion for the entertainment industry.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Veonna King: I love people’s answers to my question. Every person is different and that is what makes this all worth it to me. I just love to hear different perspectives from different people.

What are some memorable moments in your career so far?

Veonna King:  Interviewing Christal Ransom has been by far has been the most memorable interview. She is a part of the industry I am trying to enter and she gave me a lot of insight.

When you first entered the media industry what impact did you intend to make?

Veonna King:  Since entering the industry my plan was to hit the ground running and that is exactly what I have done. My impact is a work in progress as I continue to learn more and grow within the industry.

What do you think are some great qualities to have as a media professional?

Veonna King:  Some of my great qualities are friendliness, persistent,  driven, and a great listener.

How do you think you make a difference in the world?

Veonna King:  I have beaten the odds people place on black women. I am college educated and chasing my dreams if anything I think I set a great example. Just by doing this, I make a difference in my community.

What are you currently working on?

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Veonna King:  Besides working for Black Talk radio as a staff writer, currently, I am interning for WAMO 107.3 which is the only hip-hop station in Pittsburgh. Within this internship, I am working on a project that highlights local music talents in Pittsburgh. The artists come in and perform with a backdrop and a mic in the background that is kind of similar to Colours on YouTube.

We also give the audience a chance to get to know the artists by conducting an interview with me. The motive behind this project is to highlight the local talent in Pittsburgh that people may be overlooked. Plus this gives WAMO an opportunity to engage with the younger community in Pittsburgh.

How can our readers keep up to date with you?

Veonna King:  I am currently working with Black Talk Radio full time. You can also view some of my other work at the links below.


WAMO on YouTube:

CAL Times:

Black Talk Radio:

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