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KenDreeka Carrington is the owner and operator of Facial Xpressions, a premier permanent makeup clinic that specializes in microblading, skincare, lip lightening services, and other beauty needs. From working with top names such as Tyler Perry and Kim Pothier, Kendreeka‘s superior services have landed her the honorary title of “The Brow Savoir”. KenDreeka’s passion for permanent makeup allows her to help other women and men feel confident about themselves. She believes that the people that she comes into contact with daily should feel that they are naturally beautiful, the way God saw fit for them to be, and they should enjoy enhancing such magnificent God-given assets.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with KenDreeka Carrington.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

KenDreeka Carrington: At a young age, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My first job was working at a local Food Lion and at that very moment, I knew a traditional “9–5 type” job was not for me. When I was just 16 years old, I offered pedicure services to the women at my church. At this moment I knew I wanted to own and operate my own business. There was just something about making my own money while creating my own schedule and doing things the way I wanted to.

Please tell us about Facial Xpressions, and how it came about?

KenDreeka Carrington: Facial Xpressions started in 2012. I was a freelance makeup artist and I started out by doing makeup for Prestige Modeling Troupe at Riverside High School in Durham NC. This was the former high school that I attended and I gave back by donating my time and services for annual modeling shows and competitions. This is also how I built my portfolio.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

KenDreeka Carrington: When speaking of the services that I offer, as a permanent makeup artist, it is so rewarding to be able to change someone’s life. Eyebrows may not be a big deal but to someone who has lived a life without them, it can truly change their life. That’s what I find so rewarding. I remember the very first time a client saw their new brows in the mirror. She could not hold back her tears and neither could I. She proceeded to hug me tightly and continued to thank me for the service that I provided. At this very moment is when I knew I had found my passion.

What type of feedback do you receive from your client base?

KenDreeka Carrington: On a daily basis, my clientele continuously reassures me that I am walking in my calling. Clients always share Facial Xpressions with their friends, family, and coworkers. We are also ranked #1 in Raleigh NC in regards to Google Reviews. The constant loyalty and support from my community will forever be appreciated.

What are some misconceptions of permanent makeup that you would like to clear the air about?

KenDreeka Carrington: In the early years and even to this day, there are still some misconceptions in regards to melanated skin and permanent makeup. We were often told that men and women of color should not receive certain procedures due to risks of keloiding, scarring, and hyperpigmentation risks. Through continuing education and specialized training, I have become an artist who is highly trained, certified, and educated on melanated skin. Many also would strongly disagree that services such as ombre brows should not be performed on clients of darker skin tones (5 or 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale) due to an increased risk of keloiding.

I strongly disagree with this as I have serviced thousands of melanated clients and have never run into keloiding issues. We were also taught to believe that dark lip lightening should not be performed on clients who had heavily melanated lips. To this day, over 90% of my lip-lightening cases have been on clients who were either African American or Indian. My results are a true testimony that lip lightening can be done on these types of clients, but only if done correctly and with proper technique.

What was it like working with Tyler Perry?

KenDreeka Carrington: Working with Tyler Perry was like no other. I think the monumental moment that will always be with me was when I was walking up to his studio, makeup kit, and supplies in hand. I arrived at the front lobby door and entered only to see a tall man with his back towards me. Yep! You guessed it! I froze! I really think this was the first time I was ever star-struck even though I had worked with plenty of public figures and celebrities before. He proceeded to turn around and I did everything in my power not to pass out. He greeted me by saying good morning. I replied and was directed to my working station. In all, working with Tyler Perry was an experience that I will never forget. I’m am so thankful to have had such an opportunity. Years prior, I made a Facebook post stating that I would work with him one day. I did just that.

Any beauty tips for our readers as we approach the Summer season?

KenDreeka Carrington: As we approach the summer seasons there are a few things that I would like to share. Many are not familiar or may have never heard of permanent makeup. I can truly say that having just one permanent makeup service will change your life, especially eyebrows. I often speak to clients and ask what brought them to Facial Xpressions. Of course, they mention the amount of time they will save in the morning by not having to apply their eyebrow pencils or eyeliner but many disclose that they enjoy swimming with their families and friends and engaging in other summer activities without having to worry about eyebrows or eyeliner smudges. They simply have the luxury to get up and go…..and stay FLAWLESS at all times!


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