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Jeri and Jamia On The Path Of Rebuilding Broken Bonds Between Mothers and Daughters

Jeri and Jamia On The Path Of Rebuilding Broken Bonds Between Mothers and Daughters

Jeri Godhigh and Jamia Ponder launched Jeri & Jamia‘s “Unfiltered,” a powerful and necessary movement, created to help Mothers & Daughters heal and break generational curses.

Within the “Unfiltered” brand, these ladies have hit several key areas, to ensure they have the ability and means to reach the masses as they continue to make strides in helping mothers and daughters heal completely.

As mother (Jeri) and daughter (Jamia), are both certified life coaches and co-authoring a book compilation released on May 15th, 2021 on living deeper.  The duo is also currently working on the “Unfiltered” podcast which will help mend currently broken mother/daughter relationships on air.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Jamia and Jeri.

Please tell our readers about the impact you intend to make through Unfiltered?

Jamia: We intend to share our experiences and shed light on real issues that impact mothers, daughters, and women everywhere. We intend to illuminate the challenges that exist and provide tangible ways to walk through them to unlock healing within themselves, heal relationships and break generational family curses that keep us bound and in cyclic patterns of unhealthy interactions. 

Jeri: We have been commissioned to reach mothers and daughters all over the world to walk and live in healthy and whole relationships. We give divine instruction from God to break generational curses and to start new cycles of love, trust, and restoration within their families which will impact the world around them. We will impress and impart guidance in the area of relational thinking and practical steps of achieving what is necessary for them to reach their goals.  We believe by living an unfiltered life, we are all able to shed the stuff, the weight that has been holding us bound to living free from guilt, shame, and secrets thereby propelling us to live our best lives

From your perspective, how does forgiveness provide freedom? 

Jamia: Forgiveness releases you from the burden of carrying offenses. So often we bear the issues of others that have absolutely nothing to do with us. The saying, hurt people hurt people is absolutely true and we don’t realize the gravity of our actions towards others. And moreover, the lasting impact it impresses upon someone.

So when someone offends, hurts, abuses or otherwise mistreats us, we take on that offense instead of separating the pain from the person. And we move forward in life with the weight of the wrongdoings on our shoulders. But when we forgive, we give ourselves permission to lay it down. Forgiveness is an action where we decide that the grievance will no longer control us. And only then can we truly walk in freedom authorizing us to find and embrace the authentic person that we are. 

Jeri: I believe forgiveness allows the weight to be off your shoulders and out of your heart and it gives the owness back to God. We are to forgive others as Christ forgives us. When we begin to operate in Kingdom principles we begin to live with and in freedom. We were never meant to carry on someone else’s burdens or to cause pain to someone else.

When we truly forgive someone and then forgive ourselves or ask forgiveness for something we have done, we can move freely and know that we have done our part.  And in the forgiveness, we ask God to help us to do better and be better thus allowing us that much more freedom in our lives.

What has your journey been like so far working together? 

Jamia: It’s been a fast-moving train but an incredible blessing! We had no idea how this journey would unfold but through this experience, we have learned more about each other than ever before. 

Jeri: Jamia and I have grown up together, we have become best friends and we are partners in our business. This has been one of the best things that have happened in my life. I treasure her for who she is and all that God has planned for her life. She is a true gem and a Gift from God. We never knew nor did we plan for this mission that God has given us but we are truly grateful that He has entrusted this journey with us.  Jamia is truly my Beautiful Angel and it is my pleasure to minister and move on this journey with her.

What other projects are you currently working on? 

Jamia: We are currently working on Season 1 of Jeri & Jamia Unfiltered which we are super excited about. We are also planning a Mother/Daughter Brunch in the late fall. 

Jeri: We are currently working on Season 1 of Jeri & Jamia Unfiltered which we are super excited about. We are also planning a Mother/Daughter Brunch in the late fall.  Jamia is also working on some projects to be released soon for her company (The Mrs. Beside) and I am also going to be releasing a new book this fall and launching my new business (Who’s Sleeping with your husband?).  We are both super excited about what is to be birthed soon.

What advice would you have for moms and daughters to heal through pain? 

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Jamia: I would advise them to begin with self-healing. So often we can’t hear past our own pain but when we can begin to heal within, seek counseling and be honest about where we are currently, then we can begin to lead with empathy.

We can begin to understand where our mothers came from and what they have had to endure. Empathy allows us to grant grace and forgiveness for the areas where we feel like we’ve been dropped; not only to our mothers but also to ourselves. 

Jeri: I would advise Moms and Daughters to begin where they are with their relationship. Try to start where the pain began but take a leap of faith and start right there where you are.  Seek reconciliation and get the buy-in from each other that you want to have a better relationship with one another. 

You must be willing to face the reality of where you are and then be willing to face how you got to where you are and be ready and willing to get to the other side of the relationship where healing lies.  It is truly a journey that can be done through prayer, power, counseling, self-help, and determination.


Keep up-to-date with Jeri & Jamia on Instagram @jeri_jamia_unfiltered and be sure to visit their website at 





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