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Angela Lewis, Founder of Hot Wife Society and I Am a Woman Empowered Provides Opportunities For Women To Thrive

Angela Lewis, Founder of Hot Wife Society and I Am a Woman Empowered Provides Opportunities For Women To Thrive

Angela “ALove” Lewis, speaker and empowerment coach, is passionate about empowering women to thrive in their lives. Women who are comfortable in their role as a wife or mother coach with Angela to birth a business confidently! Angela shows them how to make money with their gifts and talents, so they are fulfilled, financially independent, and ready to elevate and dominate in the marketplace. Angela is the founder of Hot Wife Society and I Am a Woman Empowered and uses the networks to provide opportunities to build confidence, coins, and connections through workshops, conferences, personal consultations, and entrepreneurial ventures. Along with her Co-Host P’Angela Jones, Angela records live at 8:00 pm Tuesday nights via their social media platforms for Wife Talk Tuesday. The show provides candid conversations regarding marriage, and the unique position wives play in its success. In addition, Angela launched her podcast, KISSS with ALove, in February 2020 to showcase entrepreneurs who are Keeping It Sexy Successful & Saved.

Recently, Angela embarked on a new journey in the publishing field and collaborated with Matthew Santana to birth A & M Productions. Her desire to give women a voice and see them share their personal stories to empower others was the catalyst behind this endeavor. As a visionary and a solutionist, Angela is always looking for ways to help people reach their greatest potential and experience the life of their dreams.

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Angela Lewis.

Angela Lewis

In what ways do you empower women to thrive in their lives?

Angela Lewis: As an empowerment producer, I look for multiple ways to empower women to thrive in their
lives. Through coaching and speaking, I help women to address the 3 areas that impact their sense of empowerment the most. Those areas are negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors. First, we have to acknowledge and take ownership of what we do. Many times we look at outside sources and circumstances; however, the enemy is more often than not our “inner me”. We are our own harshest critic. Once we recognize our negative self-talk behaviors, we can replace it with positive affirmations that speak life to us and our life situations. The words you speak are powerful, and you have to be intentional with how you
speak to yourself.

Next, you have to check your self-limiting beliefs. Who told you that you would always be broke and struggle? Who told you you would never be anything? Who told you you weren’t good enough? When you start believing what others say, you start embracing self-limiting beliefs. You hold yourself hostage inside of that box, believing what they said was true. I help women see that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, abundance is their birthright, and they can do, have, say and be whatever they want. There are no limits!

Lastly, I help women look at their self-sabotaging behaviors. When we drill down to it, fear is the real culprit. Out of fear, we tend to sabotage the very things we say we want. Whether it’s procrastinating, being lazy, being unprepared, not showing up, or a variety of other unproductive actions, we allow fear to keep us from thriving.
Empowerment comes from overcoming the fear, healing from the past, and making better decisions that prioritize what’s in our best interest. Once that starts happening, you stop just surviving and you begin to thrive and become empowered to win.

How did Hot Wife Society and I Am a Woman Empowered come about?

Angela Lewis:  Both platforms started from a desire to embrace and celebrate the strength, resiliency, and
magnificence of women. Women wear multiple hats and will put the needs, wants, and desires of others before their own. I felt it was time to let wives know that they mattered and people see them holding things down for their spouses and families. It was time to acknowledge they are the glue that keeps things together and it is ok to put yourself first sometimes, to invest in self-care, and go for your dreams. It is ok to become a woman empowered and break those glass ceilings!!

What can someone who checked out KISSS with ALove Podcast for the first time expect?

Angela Lewis:  The KISSS with ALove Podcast is about keeping it Sexy, Successful & Saved. People can expect to hear tips, tools, and strategies about being confident in who you authentically are, how to pursue your purpose and passion to achieve success in every area of your life while acknowledging that God is your source. It’s all about thinking bigger, believing bigger, and achieving bigger.

What other projects or endeavors are you currently working on or involved with?

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Angela Lewis: I am the co-owner of A & M Publishing & Productions. We are helping people write the next chapter of their life by using their voices to tell their stories. Whether it’s through an anthology or
individual project, we are helping others become authors and it is totally amazing. We will be launching our very own digital magazine, iShine Magazine, on July 31st in Atlanta, Ga. We have also launched iShine Podcast. Both the magazine and podcast have curated content designed to showcase winners, influencers, entrepreneurs, authors, and artists who are impacting and influencing their community and the world. If you have that IT factor, iShine magazine, and podcast are for you! Our tagline is Ready. Set. Shine!!!

What impact do you intend to make on the world throughout your career?

Angela Lewis:  I intend to impact the world by helping as many people as possible become empowered to use
their voices, their stories, their dreams, and their desires to positively change the world as we know it.

How can our readers keep up to date with all you are doing?

Angela Lewis:  The readers can follow me on all social media @iamangelalewis and they can go to my website
at to see everything I have going on. Thank you for this amazing

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