A Epic Voyage Of Food, Love, and Success with Chef Cordell Robinson

Hello, We Empower Magazine readers, I am Cordell Robinson aka Cordell The Culinary Diva. I have been cooking since I was 7 years old. I grew up in a household of six kids and my mom worked two sometimes three jobs. She did not have time to cook all the time so we would have peanut butter & Jelly, Spam, or some other kind of quick meal. I began to watch my aunts and great aunt cook and I started to mimic what they were doing in the kitchen. I asked questions out of curiosity and I knew I had a love for food. I started with very basic dishes like baked chicken wings and seasoned some canned vegetables. As I got older I started doing more complex cooking. I made fried rice, egg rolls, meatloaf, spaghetti, and many other things.

At that time we did not have the internet to depend on for recipes so I went by taste. My brothers and sister seemed very pleased with my cooking. When I moved in with my father, my stepmom cooked just about every day and I would watch her technique and style. I did not cook much there but when I had the chance I would. Later in college, I cooked for my friends in exchange for them to buy the groceries because I could not afford the food, I really began to sharpen my skills.

After college, I went into the US Navy and my first duty station was Diego Garcia. I got together with friends and we would use a one burner or cooking put to make meals. It was very challenging but it helped me have the ability to be able to cook in any kitchen. When I got stationed in Spain, it was a great opportunity to taste very unique foods and try their style of food. The first dish I made was a Paella. It was very difficult as I had no idea what I was doing but once I did it a couple of times it because super easy and I enjoyed the process and what I call the labor of love.

When I left the Navy I would find every opportunity I could to cook for people. I would get creative with dishes, go out to restaurants and explore different cuisines to expand my palate more. In my last home, my kitchen was very small but I would have dinner parties for 50+people and would have to cook in stages to get it all dine-in time. I enjoyed that time creating dishes and more importantly, my guests enjoying my food. I like to take people on a food journey to experience cuisines from all over the world. I am of Jamaican descent so I do make a Jamaican-inspired dish at least every other week. Cooking is a passion of mine and I like to share that passion with everyone. I the past few years I have been cooking for celebrities and corporations.

Most recently I cook for Aston Martin Bentley, Dolce & Gabbana, The President of Zanzibar, Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown, Pleasure P, Jermaine Dupri, and Debra Antney. I was recently invited to cook for the Andaz Hotel in Guanacaste Costa Rica for a lifestyle brand Ambassador opportunity. I have cooked all over the world, Diego Garcia, Rota Spain, Sicily Italy, Crete Greece, London UK, Toronto Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Paris France.


Chef Cordell Robinson

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